December 16, 2020 - Area residents are now invited to review and comment on several placemaking proposals supporting the Southeast Strategy Update, which focuses on encouraging new investment in the southeast quadrant of Fort Wayne.

The proposals are available online at Residents may view the designs and make comments on the website or they may email comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. through January 13, 2021.

The placemaking ideas were developed by a group of 20 local architects and southeast area community creatives, in partnership with the City of Fort Wayne’s Planning & Policy Department, Sixth District City Councilwoman Sharon Tucker, and the Southeast Area Partnership.

“I am proud to see the Southeast Strategy Update implementation process moving forward,” said Councilwoman Tucker. “This is another step toward advancing economic development southeast.”

“Placemaking initiatives highlight or complement the assets we already have, given a little attention,” said Cherise Dixie, Southeast Area Partnership President. “Such initiatives southeast will uplift the community and benefit the city as a whole.”

“I am grateful to be collaborating with such an innovative group of designers and artists who are volunteering their time and talents,” said Renata Robinson, Southeast Community Development Coordinator.

Robinson was hired by the Southeast Area Partnership earlier this year to work alongside the southeast Fort Wayne community, the City of Fort Wayne, and local stakeholders on placemaking, urban renewal, and economic development projects that showcase the area’s cultural diversity and potential.

Placemaking is a strategy of converting underutilized public spaces into inviting, attractive, and vibrant places that encourage residents to interact and gather. In conjunction with the Southeast Strategy Update, placemaking is a vital step for increasing investment in the southeast quadrant over the next ten years.

The placemaking proposals’ objectives are:

  • • Identify key development sites,
  • • Cultivate charm, neighborhood pride, and ownership,
  • • Create southeast quadrant attractors, gathering spaces, and community relevance,
  • • Untap potential opportunity areas for growth, attraction, and development, and
  • • Generate beautification, identity, sense of place, and community pride.

Input from the public will help the City of Fort Wayne and Southeast Area Partnership prioritize projects for possible implementation beginning in the spring of 2021.

The placemaking proposals also reflect the Southeast Strategy Update guiding principles:

  • • Authenticity, diversity, and cultural heritage,
  • • High quality visual character, aesthetically pleasing, and regionally attractive,
  • • Inclusive, equitable, accessible, and inviting, and
  • • Promote a positive image and perception.