May 31, 2022 - The City of Fort Wayne today provided an update on solid waste services.

The City of Fort Wayne Solid Waste Department is doing its best to assist Red River to maintain operational levels for garbage and recycling collection. We continue to utilize City staff to assist with the routes and misses that Red River is unable to service with their lower staffing levels and higher tonnage in recent weeks.

Today, crews are finishing garbage collection in Thursday and Friday routes and hope to move to Monday routes later today. Recycling collection is experiencing longer delays. Residents who were scheduled to have recycling collected last week likely won’t have those materials collected until their next regularly scheduled pickup day next week. Community recycling drop-off sites can be found at this link - With this being a holiday week in recognition of Memorial Day, scheduled collections were set to be a day later this entire week.

We ask that residents continue to set out garbage and recycling materials the night before their regularly scheduled day of pickup. We will do our best to provide the collection service as close to their regular day as possible. As often as possible, crews are collecting garbage and recyclables in the evenings and on weekends.

It’s possible that delays could continue until GFL Environmental USA takes over the collection service on July 1.

The City apologizes for the inconvenience during this transition period and thanks the residents of Fort Wayne for their continued patience and understanding.