In 2019, Mayor Tom Henry created Mayor’s Age-Friendly Community Advisory Council as a way for residents 50 years of age and older to have a proactive role in the momentum and excitement taking place in Fort Wayne.

The council works to align local resources, promote policies and seek additional opportunities to empower older adults to enjoy an excellent quality of life and personal independence. In addition, the council conducts a baseline assessment of the age-friendliness of Fort Wayne, draft an action plan based on those findings, identify indicators with the eight domains of livability to monitor progress, oversee implementation of the action plan, and conduct ongoing evaluations and submit progress reports to AARP.

Members of the Mayor’s Age-Friendly Community Advisory Council:
Tim Brown, Chair/Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
Becky Weimerskirch, Vice-Chair/Transportation
Denise Porter, Housing
Ana Etter, Social Participation
John Gardner, Respect & Social Inclusion
Sue Ehinger, Community and Health Services
Betsy Kachmar, Secretary/AARP Fort Wayne
Maureen Widner, Communication & Information
Peggy Hayes, Community & Health Services

Addison Pollock, AARP Staff to Council
April Rivas, City of Fort Wayne Staff to Council
Linda Dunno, AARP Indiana

Fort Wayne Mayor's Age-Friendly Community Advisory Council

AARP Fort Wayne Community Network

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