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You're Stronger than you think. By coming to this site you have taken a brave first step to heal your life and the lives of those you love.

Call for Help

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police (Emergency) ------------------------- 911
Allen County Police Dept.------------------ 260.449.3000
FW Police Dept. ----------------------------- 260.427.1222
FW Sexual Assault Treatment Center --- 260.423.2222
Human Trafficking Hotline ---------------- 888.373.7888
New Haven Police Dept. ------------------ 260.748.7080
Woman's Bureau Rape Crisis Hotline -- 260.426.7237
Victim's Assistance ------------------------- 260.427.1205
YWCA Crisis Services/Shelter ----------- 260.447.7233

Hospitals/Emergency Deptartments

Dupont Hospital Emergency ------------- 260.416.3002
Lutheran Hospital Emergency ----------- 260.435.7211
Parkview Main Hospital ER -------------- 260.266.1700
Parkview Randallia ER --------------------- 260.373.6000
Saint Joseph Hospital ER ---------------- 260.425.3765

Other Important Numbers

Adult Protective Services --------------- 260.449.7989
Allen County Prosecutor ----------------- 260.449.7641
Board of Health/STI Clinic -------------- 260.449.7504
Center for Non-Violence ----------------- 260.456.4112
Crime Victim Care ----------------------- 260.484.1414
Child Protective Services --------------- 800.800.5556
Mathew 25 --------------------------------- 260.426.3250
Neighborhood Health Clinic ------------ 260.458.2641
Women's Bureau ------------------------- 260.424.7977

Stay Safe

Sexual Violence

If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, please follow the plan below:

  • Seek safety and shelter
  • Contact the police or sheriff Department by calling 911
  • Contact the FW Sexual Assult Treatment Center at 260.423.2222
  • If possible, take a change of clothes to the Sexual Assult Treatment Center
  • A victim's advocate will meet you at the Center to provide support

Safety Plan Guide

Family Violence

pdfBe prepared and use the document to create your own safety plan.


Be Prepared
  • Develop a safety plan
  • Arrange to have a place to go
  • Make copies and hide important papers
  • Have important phone numbers available
  • Pack and hide an overnight bag
  • Arrange an emergency signal with neighbors


During An Incident
  • Get out if you can
  • Call for help (911)
  • Avoid rooms with only one exit
  • Avoid kitchen, bathroom and garage
  • Trust your instincts to keep you and your children safe


Other Safety Tips
  • Obtain a protective order
  • Change locks, secure doors and windows
  • Arrange to have someone stay with you
  • Tell trusted friends and family about your situation

Sexual Harassment/Stalking