Mission Statement:

“To engage the youth of Fort Wayne with their community and local government”

Vision Statement:

The Mayor’s Youth Engagement Council’s vision is to be a service-learning group comprised of youth members. The members provide a voice for the youth of Fort Wayne to local government by engaging their peers, creating innovative solutions, and performing service-learning projects.

“The youth of our community are the future of our city. We must not only provide them with an education and caring environment, but a way to create an atmosphere in which they would like to live.”


pdfMYEC Application 2017-2018

City Light Lease Settlement Announcement

The City of Fort Wayne and Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) announced today that they have signed an agreement resolving issues surrounding the conclusion of the 35-year-old City Light lease. The agreement is subject to approval by Fort Wayne City Council and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

The agreement, if approved, would end ongoing disputes and litigation between the two parties and confirms I&M as the exclusive electric service provider for Fort Wayne customers. Currently, a lawsuit over the matter is pending in Allen County Superior Court.

Under terms of the agreement, I&M would pay the City a total of $39.2 million over 15 years, with $5 million of that coming as an upfront payment. In exchange, the City relinquishes all claims to serve as the electricity supplier in the Fort Wayne area and transfers the remaining City Light property to I&M.

“Today is a good day for the people of Fort Wayne,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “The City of Fort Wayne and I&M have come through many months of intense negotiations, but our mutual commitment to this community kept us focused on finding a positive outcome. This settlement will strengthen Fort Wayne and better position us for economic growth. Not only does it provide an important income stream, it ensures that I&M continues to provide quality service to the area.”

“Fort Wayne has been the corporate headquarters for I&M since 1948. This is our home, and we are pleased that we have an agreement that resolves our differences and allows our customers to continue to receive I&M’s low-cost, reliable energy,” said I&M president Paul Chodak III. “In addition, local business leaders and economic development professionals will continue to have I&M’s strong performance record as an asset for attracting and retaining business.”

Although the 35-year City Light Lease expired on Feb. 28, 2010, the two parties agreed that I&M would continue providing electric service pending the mediation of their differences. Mediator John Whiteleather, under direction from the court, conducted extensive mediation sessions with I&M and the City to help bring the parties together.

Under the agreement, if approved:

  • The City acknowledges that I&M will be the exclusive electric service provider in the Fort Wayne area.
  • The City will transfer its electric utility property to I&M.
  • I&M will settle the City’s claim for damages under the electric service area statute.
  • All Lease obligations will end, allowing the City access to the City Light Trust Fund, built up by the City over the 35-year Lease term with a balance of nearly $36 million.

The agreement will be introduced to the City Council at its meeting on Nov. 9. City and I&M officials plan on holding two information sessions/open houses for the public to hear the details of the agreement. Those meeting dates and times will be announced shortly.

A petition seeking IURC approval of the settlement is expected to be filed in early December.

Additional Settlement Documents:

pdfSettlement FAQ

pdfMajor Terms of Agreement





Cable Fund Access Board Meeting Notice


The next CFAB meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 5:30 pm in the City Council Chambers of Citizens Square, in the Garden Level.  The Cable Fund Access Board will hear Cable Originators reports.  This is a public meeting, and citizens are welcome to speak.

If you have interest in the Cable Fund Advisory Board activities you may join the Cable Fund Interest Group (CFIG) mailing list at the following link: CFAB Interest Group Mailing List Subscription

Non access originator grant requests are due by October 26, 2018, and will be reviewed in a meeting on November 14, 2018.
docCFAB Grant Application - 2018 word document version

Board Members

Councilman Paul Ensley
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James Haley - Mayoral appointment
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Rachel Blakeman - Mayoral appointment
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Rick Hayes - Mayoral appointment
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Nathan Hartman - Council appointment
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Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The primary purpose of the cable fund is to enhance public, educational, and government access television within the City of Fort Wayne, through the effective use of cable television franchise fee receipts.

  • Effectively and efficiently administer the grant program.

  • Continually monitor the cable provider's compliance with the franchise agreement.

  • Respond to citizen complaints regarding cable television service and resolve any cable television related complaints as quickly and equitably as possible. City jurisdiction regarding rate complaints is federally limited to regulating certain equipment charges and to regulating subscription fees for Limit Basic Service.

For information pertaining to rules and regulations involving cable television franchising within the City of Fort Wayne, please see Municipal Codes 111.01 - 111.36.

General Information

The funds used by the City for cable related purposes represents 40% of the franchise fee revenues collected by Comcast Cablevision and Frontier Communications.  The funds are paid to the City as compensation for use of the public rights of way, as authorized by federal law. The balance of the franchise receipts are deposited into the General Fund and used to off-set other City non-cable related operating expenses.

Access Originator Grants: Municipal Code 111.34 stipulates that 80% of this budget be disbursed, as recommended by the Cable Fund Advisory Board, to the four access channel originators in our community: educational access Channel 56, operated by Indiana University/Purdue University; public access Channel 57, operated by the Allen County Public Library; government access Channel 58, managed by the City of Fort Wayne with daily operations subcontracted to the Allen County Public Library; and educational access Channel 54, operated by Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Non-access Originator Grants: G-27-95 95 also specifies that 10% of this budget be available as grants to not-for-profit organizations located within Fort Wayne that do not originate an access station, for the purpose of enhancing local access. These grants can be used in a variety of ways, as long as it relates to access television. These grants can be used to reimburse personnel expenses, overhead costs, production costs, operation expenses, and equipment expenses, as approved through the Cable Fund Advisory Board and City Council.

City Administrative Expenses: The remaining 10% of this budget is used to offset administrative expenses related to the grant program and related to cable television franchising issues.

2009 State of City Address

February 12, 2009

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