Ever wondered about the buildings where the City filters your drinking water or treats your sewage? City Utilities operates a number of facilities including the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant, Water Pollution Control Plant, Hurshtown Reservoir and others.

Camp Scott Wetlands

Fort Wayne City Utilities has constructed a wetlands on the City's southeast side to store and treat stormwater runoff. Stormwater from several neighborhoods around McMillen Park goes to a massive storage tank and is them pumped to the wetlands. The wetlands also provides a natural habitat for song birds, water birds and other animals. Read more about Camp Scott..

Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant

This Plant is located in downtown Fort Wayne at the confluence of the three rivers. It has the capacity to provide 72 million gallons a day of clean, treated water for cooking, drinking, fire fighting and other uses. pdfRead more interesting facts about the plant

The Filtration Plant was designed in the Collegiate Gothic architectural style. Learn more about the architecture of the Plant.

Hurshtown Reservoir

This man-made reservoir is an emergency water supply for Fort Wayne. It also provides recreational opportunities such as boating and fishing. pdfRead more about Hurshtown Reservoir.

Water Pollution Control Plant 

The Fort Wayne Water Pollution Control Plant provides wastewater treatment for the City of Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. pdfRead more about Water Pollution Control Plant here