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Purchase orders greater than $25,000

A list of all purchase orders greater than $25,000 issued by the City since August 1, 2010. View contract documents, purchase orders by department and by vendor, and expenditures against purchase orders.


Check Register

A list of all checks and wire transfers issued by the City since August 1, 2010.


Budget Books

View the City budget books.



Budget Presentations

View the City budget presentations.

2017 Budget Presentation 2016 Budget Presentation 2015 Budget Presentation 2014 Budget Presentation


City Financial Reports

View the City financial statements.

City Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is an in-depth account of the financial status of the City. The CAFR contains financial reporting for all funds of the City.

pdf2015 CAFR,   pdf2014 CAFRpdf2013 CAFR,   pdf2012 CAFR,   pdf2011 CAFRpdf2010 CAFRpdf2009 CAFR,   pdf2008 CAFR,   pdf2007 CAFR,   pdf2006 CAFR,   pdf2005 CAFR Part 1,   pdf2005 CAFR Part 2,   pdf2004 CAFR,   pdf2003 CAFR

State of Indiana Transparency Portal

County Expenditures

View County expenditures since June 1, 2010.

County Contracts

View County contracts since January 1, 2010, including Commissioner's minutes, petitions, appointments, applications and resolutions.