Fort Wayne City Utilities frequently holds special meetings to discuss projects with residents who may be affected. Meetings are held at several stages in each project. Typically, meetings are held when project design is about to begin, when design is complete and just before construction is to begin.

You can find out more about projects and scheduled meetings by clicking on the project name in the listing below.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

January 11, 2018      pdfBuesching Drive-North Drive-Reed Road storm drainage improvements - Meet the Contractor Meeting

January 31, 2018      pdfMaplewood Park storm drainage improvements - Meet the Contractor Meeting

Upcoming Projects

Utility construction projects are vital to keep City Utilities' water, sewer and stormwater management systems working well and to enhance quality of life in our community.  However, utility construction project are also inconvenient and messy.  City Utilities has developed a guide with information on what to expect during pdfUtility Construction in Your Neighborhood.


California Road Water Main Extension -- Installation of 3,780 linear feet of 12" water main along California Road eastward from the intersection with Kroemer Road us substantially complete.  The project will increase water pressure int he area and will increase the flow of water available to fight fires.  The project is expected to be accepted by the Fort Wayne Board of Public Works on January 17, 2018.



Late fall 2017 - Summer 2019               Morton Street Pump Station Upgrade & Cody Ave. Force Main Project

March 2017 - December 2018               CSO Outfall O61 & O62



December 2017                                    Aboite Meadows Storm Drainage Improvements - design

January 2018 - December 2018             Maplewood Park Storm Drainage Improvements

January 2018 - September 2018            Buesching Drive-North Drive-Reed Road Storm Drainage Improvements

November 2016 - November 2017           Wyandotte Drive Storm Drainage Improvements