*Residents will be provided with a 96 or 48-gallon cart to hold garbage and yard waste.

*New program starts January 1, 2006



*96-gallon cart holds the equivalent of three normal sized garbage containers (33 gallons). The 96-gallon cart is the one used by most residents in other cities with similar programs.

*48-gallon cart holds the equivalent of a little more than one normal sized garbage container.

*If you are elderly, disabled or feel you need the 48-gallon cart, please fill out the information below.

Residents that choose the smaller 48 gallon cart will not be allowed to set out extra bags or cans on a regular basis. If a resident continually sets out extra bags or cans with a 48 gallon cart, it will be replaced with the larger 96 gallon cart.


Benefits of the new program

  • Cleaner streets and alleys
  • Safer neighborhoods
  • Uniform look for the City
  • Carts will be easier to use
  • Animals won't be able to tear open trash bags
  • Reduction in garbage ordinance violations


Get an up close look at the carts

*For the next few months, your local grocery store (Scott's, Kroger and Marsh) will have a display of the carts that will allow you to see them up close.


When will the carts be delivered and what happens to the current container I use?

*Your cart will be delivered to you in November or December. When you receive your new cart, it will include information about what to do with your current container.