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Construction Standards

Special Provisions (click category titles below to view)

Fort Wayne Public Works has developed the Recurring Special Provisions (RSP’s) to modify and supplement the current INDOT standard specifications. The RSP’s shall be used on all Public Works projects to assure PW standards are followed. The Unique Special Provisions (USP’s) have been developed to modify or supplement either the INDOT standard specifications or FW’s RSP’s. The specifier on each project is responsible for reviewing and determining which USP’s are applicable for the project and making any necessary changes to them in accordance with INDOT’s standard USP process.

Anything needing added that is not covered by one of the current specifications shall have a new USP written and approved by the Public Works Technical Specifications Committee. Please submit request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Standard Details (click category titles below to view)

The following standard details sections have been developed by Fort Wayne Public Works to standardize the construction of the noted items. These shall be used on both city led projects and private construction projects that will become public infrastructure.