Investing in our Neighborhoods



 This is a multi-phase project started with the Superior Circle roundabout and the conversion of two way traffic on Fairfield/Ewing and Baker. This is intended to accommodate changes that have come to the Ewing/Fairfield corridor since the expansion of the Allen County Public Library, the completion of Parkview Field and The Harrison and the soon to be changes by theUniversity of Saint Francis renovations at the former Scottish Rite and the Chamber buildings, and the soon to be constructed Cityscape Flats across from the ballpark.

Project Details:

  •     5-legged intersection of Fairfield/Ewing/Superior/Wells converted into the Superior Roundabout. (completed in 2014)
  •     Conversion of Fairfield & Ewing Streets from one-way to two-way traffic between Baker Street and Superior Street. (completed in 2014)
  •     Main Street between Jackson Street and Maiden Lane will become 1 lane in each direction with a center turn-lane and bike lanes. (completed in 2015)
  •     Gateway art construction at Superior Circle. (summer/fall 2015)
  •     Extension of the lane reduction on West Jefferson Blvd, between Ewing and Broadway by widening the sidewalk on the south side. (summer 2015)
  •     The streetscape on Fairfield & Ewing, including lighting, landscaping and bike lanes. (2015-16)

Completion date:  2016
Contractor: Brooks Construction
Investment: $4 million


 Fairfield Ewing 


DPW fairfield-ewing

jpgEwing/Fairfield Renderings

pdfEwing/Fairfield Feasibility Study