Investing in our Neighborhoods



Description: This project -- which runs from Coliseum Boulevard to Crescent Avenue -- will include the reconstruction of concrete pavement, including curbs, sidewalk repair, upgrade ADA curb ramps, decorative street lighting and replace drive approaches as needed.



 Brooks Construction Co. Inc.

Start date:  

 May 2018

Completion Date: 

 November 30, 2018




Project Update: 

December 3-7 - Project was wrapped up with the planting of trees

November 30 - Contractor completed the median landscaping

November 5-9 - Pavement markings were finished and all that remains to complete the project is landscaping and restoration

October 29 - November 2 - The contractor poured bus pads on North Anthony and completed a few miscellaneous curb repairs.  Crews began laying out pavement markings at the end of the week.

October 23-26 - Brooks paved both the northbound & southbound lanes on North Anthony from Crescent Coliseum Blvd.  Crews paved the median up to Coliseum Blvd. and completed the paving portion of the project on St. Joe River Drive.

October 22, 2018 - Pouring pavement is more of a science than many would guess. In order to ensure a high quality roadway surface with an optimal life expectancy crews must evaluate several factors, including air and ground temperature.  With the cooler morning temperatures arriving the contractor is waiting until later in the morning, when the air warms,  to pour the surface pavement on North Anthony. 

October 15-19 - Brooks Construction performed crack filling. Crews prepped the roadway and began paving i'ts intermediate layer on North Anthony from Crescent to Coliseum Blvd.

October 8-12 – The contractor performed clean-up of the roadway and median and prepped the pavement for crack filling. Although the rain interrupted the expected work schedule crews were able to pour and repair a drive approach.  Traffic was moved to the outer lanes to allow work on the inner lanes.

October 1-5 – Crews began milling operations along North Anthony Blvd. and St. Joe River Dr. as well as performing construction on a median, ADA ramps and a drive approach at Wendy’s. 

September 24-28 – The contractor prepped and poured curbing along North Anthony.

September 17-21 – Crews worked on the center island and patched an area of the inner lane.

September 10-14 - Brooks began backfilling behind the curb along St. Joe River Dr. west of N. Anthony Blvd.  They also began milling at the north end of N. Anthony Blvd. Work will continue in the center lanes for the next few weeks.

September 3-7 - Crews continued removing the median north of St. Joe River Drive.  They began bringing in fill dirt for the portion of the median south of Coliseum that will receive top soil and new landscaping. Work will continue in the center lanes for the next few weeks.

August 27-31 - Brooks Construction poured retaining curb on St. Joe River Dr. (westbound) and switched traffic to the outer lanes to allow work within the median area along North Anthony Blvd. Crews began pavement and median excavation north of St. Joe River Dr. after the shift of traffic.

August 23 - Although the recent rainfalls have been beneficial to the new top soil, it has prevented construction work so far this week.  Look for traffic control to be switched to the center lanes in the near future, a definitive date for the lane change will be shared as soon as determined!

August 13-17 - Before the rainy conditions arrived at the end of the week, crews were able to lay top soil and pour the ramps at the northwest and southwest corners of St. Joe River Drive and N. Anthony Blvd.

August 2018 - St. Joe River Drive is open again, work continues on drive approaches and curbface walk on St. Joe River Dr.

July 2018 - Sidewalks poured along the new block wall at Wendy's, Storm sewers installed on St. Joe River Drive.  

June 2018 - Crews continue work on the outside lanes, curbs, approaches and retaining wall. Concrete patching on N. Anthony and St Joe River Dr.  


Newly poured concrete needs 7 days to cure. Do NOT move barricades and drive over concrete that is curing. It can damage the concrete, reduce the pavement’s life  -- causing it to crumble within months. Please be vigilant and stop people from moving barricades.

Parking: Residents may not have access to their driveway while work is being done on the section of their street. Please park away from construction and DO NOT block traffic lanes.

Trash & Recycling Collection: The night before collection day, residents should place their garbage and recycling containers near the curb, away from the barricades of construction zones for collection – which may be across the street or at the end of the cul-de-sac.

If garbage collection trucks are not able to get to your street, due to construction work, they will try to collect the next day, before construction begins in the morning. For more information, call 311.

Neighborhood Engagement: Public Works staff members have been meeting with neighborhood associations to give residents the opportunity to view work zones, meet the contractors and ask questions about work being done in their neighborhoods. For questions or concerns, you may reach the Division of Public Works by calling 311 or 427-8311.