Investing in our Neighborhoods

2017 Chip and Seal Street Improvements

The Street Department will do more than 10 miles of Chip and Seal improvements in 2017. These projects are usually completed within two days of when they begin.



Current Status

Allen Ave Clinton to dead end Sept. 14
Blum Dr Stellhorn Rd to Tamarack TBD
Brudi Ave Eleanor to dead end Sept. 5
Catherine Clinton to dead end Sept. 14
Charlotte Ave Hobson to Barnhart TBD
Constance Clinton to dead end Sept. 5
Cromwell Masterson to alley May 17
Cumberland N. Clinton to Newport Aug. 30
E Maple Grove Wayne Trace to Bueter Ave June 26
E. Maple Grove Gaywood to Hanna July 17
Eastrowe Rudisill to Grayston TBD
Eastrowe Oxford to Grayston June 22
Eastway Bueter to Eastrowe June 22
Eastwood Dr Hobson Dr to Sherborne TBD
Eckert Anthony to Winter June 20
Eleanor Catherine to dead end Sept. 5
Euclid Rudisill to McKinnie July 17
Farwood Ave Winter to Decatur July 31
Fernwood Clinton to Newport Aug. 31
Fleetwood McKinnie to Senate June 22
Forest Ave E State to Berkley TBD
Foresthill Cumberland to Fernwood Sept. 1
Gerke Ave Calhoun to End TBD
Glenn Ave Eleanor to Clinton Sept. 5
Greeley St Jackson to VanBuren TBD
Gumper Warsaw to Lafayette June 13
Hamilton Hanna to Monroe June 13
Hollis Winter to Anthony July 21
Homedale Hessen Cassel to dead end June 28
Jane Pontiac to Leaf May 17
Jenn Ridge  Homestead to Spartan Dr TBD
Ludwig Circle Ludwig to deadend TBD
Lynn Ave Santa Rosa to End Sept. 15
Manford St Abbott to Queen June 20
Manor Woods Pkwy Hwy 24 to Manor Woods Rd TBD
Mayfield N/S Mayfield Aug. 18
Mayfield, North Mayfield to Lima Rd Aug. 12
Mayfield, South Mayfield to Lima Rd Aug. 12
Maywood Rudisill to Wayne Trace June 22
Newport Ave Fernwood to Cumberland Aug. 30
Norfolk Lima to deadend TBD
Olladale W. State to Spring TBD
Parkhill Ridgewood to Constance Sept. 5
Porta Trail End  to End TBD
Randall Ct Randall Rd to End TBD
Richland Fairway to Getz TBD
Ridgewood N. Clinton to Newport Aug. 31
Robert St Vance to End Sept. 15
Rudisill Maywood to Hessen Cassel June 22
Russell Wells to Sherman TBD
Russell  Wells to Sherman TBD
S. Monroe St Boltz to End June 20
Schmucker Stellhorn to Christian TBD
South St Wyandotte to Buesching TBD
Southlane Westlane to deadend TBD
Southview Smith to Gaywood July 31
Spartan Dr End  to End TBD
Stanley Lake to Nevada TBD
Turpie St Oxford to Trentman Ave June 21
Tyler Spring to 4th Street TBD
Ventura Lane Decatur to Winter July 25
Vermont Kentucky to Crescent Ave TBD
Warsaw St Maplegrove to End Aug. 1
Westlawn South Bend to dead end TBD
Winter St Gable to Hollis July 21
Winter St Paulding to dead end July 21
Woodbine Cook to Ashley Aug. 18
Wyandotte Trier to Stellhorn Rd TBD