Investing in our Neighborhoods

2018 Neighborhood ADA Curb Ramps

Again, this year we are making improvements to pedestrian access for those with disabilities. The list below shows intersections that in most cases will have multiple ramps added on each side of the intersection.


Brittany Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Buckhurst Run
(2800 blk)
Cabriolet Run & Landau Run  
Chapel Pines Pl. & Chapel Pines Run  
Chapel Pines Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Chapel Pines Run & Valley Pine Dr.  
Cheswick Cv. & Bent Tree Ln.  
Cheswick Cv. & Yorktowne Pl.  
Cheswick Cv.
(6000 blk.  common area)
Chimney Hill Pl. & Copper Hill Run  
Cinnamon Tree Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Clubhouse Dr. & Cardiff Ct.  
Clubhouse Dr. & Lahmeyer Rd.  
Clubhouse Dr. & Sable Ln.  
Cobblestone Pl. & Copper Hill Run  
Copper Hill Run & Castle Creek Dr.  
Copper Tree Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Cul-de-sac of Shadow Ridge Run  
Deer Creek Ln. & Chapel Pines Run  
Deer Creek Ln. & Shadow Ridge Run  
Dove Nest Cove @ Cul-de-sac  
Dunmore Ln. & Copper Hill Run  
E State Blvd. & Buckhurst Run  
East Dr. & Curdes Ave.  
Enfield Cv. @ Cul-de-sac  

Florence Ave. & Andrew St.                   
(east side, alley approach 120' south)

Fox Orchard Run @ Cul-de-sac  
Frontier Ave. & Sable Ln.  
Frontier Ave. & Stonehill Ct.  
Harbor Pines Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Knightsbridge Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
La Belle Pl. & Settlement Creek Run  
La Cabreah Ln & Barouche Pl.  
La Cabreah Ln. & Foxberry Lake Run  
Landau Run & Rockaway Dr.  
Laurel Hill Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Liberty Glade Ct. & Liberty Glen Dr.  
Liberty Glade Ct. @ Cul-de-sac  
Liberty Glen Dr.  & Tomahawk Trl.  
McMan Pl. & Foxmoor Run  
Millstone Dr. & Easton Ridge Pl.  
Millstone Dr. & St. Ives Dr.  
Monument Dr. & Sawmill Woods Dr.  
Moon Flower Pl. & Caledon Pl.  
Red Butte Cv. @ Cul-de-sac  
Sawmill Woods Dr. & Crofton Dr.  
Sawmill Woods Dr. & Sawmill Woods Ct.  
Settlement Creek Run & Smokey Hill Pl.  
Shadeland Ct. @ Cul-de-sac  
Shadow Ridge Run & Copper Tree Pl.  
Shadow Ridge Run                                 
(6400 blk. common area)
Sheffield Way & Spyglass Run  
Spyglass Run & Cinnamon Tree Pl.  
Spyglass Run & Deer Creek Ln.  
Spyglass Run & Tomahawk Trl.  
Spyglass Run & Woods Edge Ln.  
Spyglass Run
(6100 blk. common area)
St. Ives Dr. & Mariposa Pl.  
St. Ives Dr. & Marne Pl.  
St. Ives Dr. & Water Wheel Run  
Summersworth & Settlement Creek Run  
Summersworth Run & Stockbridge Pl.  
Summersworth Run & Sunburst Ln.  
Sunbird Cv. @ Cul-de-sac  
Sunburst Ln. @ Cul-de-sac  
Sunbury & Evard - sw corner  
Sweet Cider Rd. &  Millstone Dr.  
Sweet Cider Rd. & Lone Tree Pl.  
Timbermill Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Timbermill Run & Copper Hill Pl.  
Timbermill Run & Red Butte Cv.  
Timbermill Run & Sunbird Cv.  
Tomahawk Trl.
(6000 blk. common area)
Turnbridge Crossing
(5400 blk)
Water Wheel Run & Maywin Dr.  
West Dr. & Curdes Ave.  
Woodland Spring Pl. @ Cul-de-sac  
Yorktowne Pl. & Arbor Tree Cv.