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This multi-phase project includes the comprehensive improvement, realignment and reconstruction of State Boulevard from Spy Run Avenue to Cass Street. The project is designed to reduce traffic congestion, improve traffic flow, improve sight distance and geometrics, improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities, alleviate roadway flooding and improve corridor connectivity along State Boulevard.

Estimated Start Date:  March/April 2019 Contractor:  Primco Inc.
Estimated End Date: 2020 Investment:  $8.2M (80% Federal Funds, 20% Locally Funded)

State Blvd Ph 2 - Plan View

Roadway Plan View Photo
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State - west view pedestrian bridge - proposed

Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Plan Rendering

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  Click to see State Blvd. aerial video - May 15, 2019

May 13-17, 2019 AEP engineers were on the jobsite to review their plans for their relocations near the proposed pedestrian bridge, at the end of the week AEP crews worked on disconnecting the overhead power lines over State Blvd. in the vicinity of the new pedestrian brige.

Crews worked on the removal of the debris from the abutment of the northern railroad abutment. After they finished with the northern abutment they worked on the removal of the southern abutment.
Contractors worked on the clearing of right of way in the pedestrian trail areas, in the vacant lots and started to remove the asphalt on Eastbrook south of State Boulevard. Topsoil and sidewalk was removed along Eastbrook to the south of State Blvd.
pdfState Blvd Project Photos 5-17-19

Plans for the week of May 20-May 24th include finalizing the removal of the southern abutment, earthwork and continued onsite work by AEP

May 6-10, 2019

AEP had their subcontractor onsite installing underground conduit near Ink Spot Printing and on the eastern side of Eastbrook near the vacant lot where previous home were demolished. Contractors continued removal of the northern railroad abutment and hauling debris away as well as installing silt fence

Plans for next week include removal of the southern railroad abutment, start of earth work and relocation of overhead lines and poles

  Silt installation along Spy Run Creek Debris hauling - northern railroad abutment wall

April 29-May 3, 2019

Crews removed the dirt behind the existing northern railroad abutment for the planned abutment removal and the existing chain link fence on the northside and began removal of the existing concrete railroad abutment. Conduit installed for AEP's underground relocation

April 22-26, 2019

Contractors began the week meeting onsite with City of Fort Wayne Street Light Engineering to review street light pole removals. 

The field office was set-up onsite on Wednesday.

Groundbreaking Ceremony held Thursday April 25, 2019.  

thumb state groundbreak3
thumb state groundbreak2  thumb state groundbreak thumb state poleremove 4 26

 Anticiptated work for the upcoming week: Plans to begin removal of the north and south railroad abutments as well as continuation of street light and billboard removal.

April 22, 2019:

State Boulevard between Cass Street and Spy Run Avenue is being reconstructed to improve pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic. The project will replace a nearly 90-year-old bridge that’s in disrepair and straighten a curve that has been the site of many accidents. 

Phase I was completed last year, and we are now moving into Phase II of the project.

The improvement features landscaping on both sides of the roadway and in a center median, ornamental street lighting, crosswalks, sidewalks separated by a park strip, a turn-lane at the entrance to the Brookview neighborhood, landscaped green space to separate the new bridge from the current curve, and connections for safe and easy access to the trail system with a pedestrian bridge crossing State. 

Federal regulations have changed since the bridge opened in the 1930s. The new bridge must be more than seven feet higher to meet the updated guidelines.  To minimize the impact on the neighborhood, the higher bridge elevation will relocate to the south to preserve homes on the north side of State.  Homes in the flood zone were purchased for the construction of the new bridge and road.


Meet Your Contractor

Fort Wayne’s Division of Public Works is contracting with Primco Inc. to make the first phase of improvements to State Boulevard -- between Cass Street and Clinton.
This project consists of widening State Boulevard to two lanes in each direction, with center turn lanes, and making intersection improvements. The work includes stormwater upgrades, road reconstruction, sidewalks and landscaping. Most of the work will take place in the public right-of-way.
We know street repair projects can be disruptive and inconvenient. We want you to be well-informed about the project and to know who can answer your questions or resolve any construction issues. Please join us to meet project representatives from Public Works and Primco Inc.
Wednesday, April 10 at 6:30 p.m.
North Side High School Auditorium - 475 E. State Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Bob Widner (427-1217) will serve as Public Works Project Manager for this project.


Residents may not have access to their driveway while work is being done on the section of their street.
Please park away from construction and DO NOT block traffic lanes.
Newly poured concrete needs 7 days to cure. Do NOT move barricades or drive over concrete that is curing.
Vehicle traffic will damage the uncured concrete, resulting in reduced life of the pavement and causing it to crumble within months. Please be vigilant and stop people from moving barricades.

Trash and Recycling Collection

The night before collection day, residents should place their garbage and recycling containers near the curb, away from the barricades of construction zones for collection which may be across the street or at the end of the cul-de-sac.
If trash collection trucks are unable to access your street due to construction work they will attempt to collect early the following day, before construction begins.



Oakridge Rd SW View of New Extension Existing    Oakridge Rd SW View of New Extension Proposed


State East View Towards Ped Bridge Existing   State East View Towards Ped Bridge Proposed


West View Towards Proposed State Existing   West View Towards Proposed State Proposed