The City of Fort Wayne is experiencing momentum and investments. Our downtown is thriving, neighborhoods are growing and we’re seeing a positive business climate with job growth and expansion projects. Two things we hear a lot about from the public are riverfront development and addressing neighborhood sidewalk and alley challenges. We’re especially concerned about neighborhood to school connectivity.

In order to make continued investments in the riverfront and neighborhood infrastructure, funding sources need to be identified. An income tax adjustment proposed by City Councilman Dr. John Crawford could generate the necessary funds to invest in the riverfront and neighborhood sidewalks and alleys. These revenues would help advance phases two and three of riverfront development, add new sidewalks throughout Fort Wayne and address areas of Fort Wayne Community Schools and East Allen County Schools that lack sidewalks for children. The plan would also allow for expanding the maintenance program for existing sidewalks and repairs to alleys throughout the City.

Local income tax proposal presentations given at City Council by the Parks & Recreation Department (riverfront) and the Public Works Division (sidewalks and alleys) on June 27, 2017.

Riverfront Presentation
Sidewalks and Alleys Presentation

 Sidewalk Needs  Alley Improvement Needs 
 Abbett School  Bass-Leesburg
 Arlington School  Bellair
 Brentwood School  Bloomingdale
 Fairfield School  Broad River
 Forest Park School  Brookview
 Franke Park School  Creighton-Home
 Glenwood Park School  East Central
 Haley School  Eastside
 Harris School  Fairfield Terrace Belmont
 Harrison Hill School  Fairfield Terrace Section B
 Holland School  Fairfield
 Indian Village School  Fairmont
 Levan Scott School  Five Points
 Lincoln School  Forest Park
 Lindley School  Frances Solcum
 Maplewood School  Greater McMillen Park
 Northcrest School  Hamilton
 Price School  Harrison Hill
 Shambaugh School  Harvester Community
 South Wayne School  Highland Park Forest
 St Joseph Central School  Historic Southwood Park
 Study School  Hoagland Masterson
 Washington Center School  Interurban Acres
 Waynedale School  Irvington Park
    Lincoln Park
    Memorial Park
    Michigan Avenue
    Mount Vernon
    North Anthony
    North Franke
    North Highland Tenants Council
    North Highlands
    North Triangle
    Old Trail
    Pontiac Place
    Renaissance Pointe
    Rolling Rose
    Sand Point
    Sherwood to Pettit
    South Calhoun
    South Suburban
    South Wayne
    Southeast Waynedale
    Southwest Waynedale
    Spy Run
    Taylor Street
    West Central
    West Rudisill
    Williams Park