Investing in our Neighborhoods

2018 Chip and Seal Street Improvements

The Street Department will complete more than 10 miles of Chip and Seal improvements in 2018.

The project locations are usually completed within two days of when they begin.

47th Dr Derome Parkerdale 8/15/18
Adams Evans Drexel 7/10/18
Allegany Sandpoint Deforest 7/13/18
Ashland Dr St. Joe deadend 8/28/18
Babcock Dr Winchester deadend 7/18/18
Barbara Lane Rosedale cul-de-sac 6/26/18
Bradford Dr Ashland Willowbrook 9/5/18
Catalpa St Taylor deadend 6/14/18
Centerhurst Inwood Dr Salge 8/24/18
Cleveland Sandpoint Vernon 7/18/18
Dale Bluffton deadend 8/3/18
E. Douglas Monroe St Clay St 5/17/18
Eastwood Dr Hobson Rd Sherborne Blvd 7/9/18
Edgebrook Jefferson Rosewood 6/28/18
Effie Dr Wallen deadend 9/17/18
Elyetta St Geneva Taylor 6/2/18
Fairoak Dr Bluffton Liberty 8/3/18
Forest Ave State Blvd Berkley 9/19/18
Forest Park W Buell Fairfield 6/15/18
Genesee Sandpoint deadend 7/11/18
Geneva St Freeman Fillmore 6/6/18
Hatfield Rd Washington Ctr deadend 10/12/18
Henrietta St Geneva Taylor 5/31/18
High St St. Mary's Sherman 5/24/18
Lafontain St Taylor deadend 6/13/18
Liberty Dr Bluffton Rd Waynewood 8/3/18
Meadow Lane Knoll Rd deadend 7/18/18
Middle St Freeman deadend 6/4/18
Monmouth Ave Sandpoint Deforest 7/13/18
Morell Sandpoint deadend 7/13/18
Morris St Taylor deadend 6/13/18
Nelwood Dr Ashland Willowbrook 8/15/18
Olladale W. State Blvd Bass Rd 7/2/18
Palatine Dr Jefferson Reckeweg 5/30/18
Penrose Dr Ashland Willowbrook 8/15/18
Pitt Wayne Trace McCormick 9/24/18
Randall Ct Randall Rd deadend 5/29/18
Ridgelane Dr Reckeweg deadend 5/29/18
Rosewood Aboite deadend 6/25/18
S.  Anthony Blvd McKinnie Capitol 10/2/18
S. Anthony Capitol Pettit 10/2/18
S. Hanna St Hugh St Brackenridge St 5/17/18
Sherborne Blvd Eastwood Dr Vance Ave 7/9/18
Slataper Wayne Trace McCormick 9/21/18
South Dr Wyandotte Buesching 7/5/18
St. Mary's Ave Polk St High St 5/24/18
Stratmore Taylor deadend 6/7/18
Vermont Kentucky Crescent 9/19/18
Vernon Cleveland deadend 7/18/18
Wagner St Griswold Dr Spy Run Ave 5/23/18
Waynewood Bluffton Liberty 8/3/18
Westbury Engle Rd Ardmore Ave 6/14/18
Wyandotte Dr Trier Rd Stellhorn 7/3/18