Investing in our Neighborhoods

Ardmore Avenue Improvements

Start Date

March  2019

Est. Completion Date

Spring 2020


E&B Paving


$3.6 Million
Project Information 

This project consists of widening Ardmore Avenue to three lanes (single lane in each direction with a center turn lane) from Airport Expressway to Second Street. It will include street lighting, curb and gutter and storm drainage

Project Updates
  • May 19, 2020

    • Fleming has been removing the existing pavement of the south bound lane. Shambaugh removed light poles at the south end of the project that were not previously removed.
    • Crews will begin prepping the proposed south bound lane
  • May 1, 2020
    • Phase 2 of project begins - traffic switched to south bound only and Fleming began removal of the dirt and stone shoulder on the west side of the paved roadway.
  • January, 2020
    • Work (as weather allowed) on water hydrants, and installation of  storm sewer structures and pipe on the west side of the roadway.
  • December, 2019 
    • Temporary striping was completed and temporary mulched seeding was completed. Paved the commercial drive approach at the south end of the project. Paved a wedge along the gutter line to protect it form snow plows and also to shed water off of the roadway. Sprayed temporary mulching on dirt to help prevent soil erosion through winter. 
  • November 1, 2019
    • Poured the concrete curb ramp on the SE corner of Airport Expressway and Ardmore Avenue and also finished the eastern half of the concrete commercial drive approach at the south end of the project across the street from the Airport entrance.. 
  • October 30, 2019
    • Crews will begin temporary striping for the next phase of the project this weekend and switching traffic from a south bound only to 2-way traffic on Monday 11/4/19
  • October 24, 2019
    • Fleming worked on grading the ditch on the back side of the curb on the west side of the roadway.
  • October 21, 2019
    • Fleming finished trail preparation last week. Fleming also continued working on installing structures and pipes on the west side of Ardmore Avenue.  E&B poured concrete residential and commercial drive approaches. Shambaugh installed street light poles.
  • Sep 30 - Oct 6, 2019
    • Worked on installing light pole foundations, installed more storm water pipes, placed the second lift of asphalt between the existing roadway and the new curb on the east side of the road.
  • September 23-27, 2019: 
    • Started to pour concrete drive approaches, installed street lighting conduit, started backfilling behind curb and grading for the trail.
  • September 16-20, 2019
    • Contractor continued to pour concrete curb and install street lighting conduit. Crews also did some milling near Earhart. Upcoming planned work includes:  street lighting foundations, concrete drive approaches 
  • September 9-13, 2019
    • Crews finished prepping the road widen on the east side of Ardmore Avenue. They paved asphalt base on the road widening and started to pour concrete curb on top of the asphalt base layer
  • September 3-6, 2019 
    • Removed old road and earth and prepped the lane widening on the east side of the road. Started to install the underdrain.
  • September 3, 2019
    • Construction work plans for September include completion of storm pipe installation and pavement patching where storm pipes crossed under the road and to finish grading the proposed trail
  • August, 2019
    • Frontier Communications completed line work at the south end of the project, while Fleming Excavating worked on storm pipe installation
  • July 15, 2019
    • Frontier Communications is still working on fiber lines on the eastern side of Ardmore Ave at the northern end of the project, they will then need to complete their work on the west side of Ardmore at the south end of the project. 
  • June 26, 2019
    • Due to a rainy June, Frontier Communications is still in the process of relocating utility lines, they are expecting to be completed in the next week which will allow for construction crews to resume the second week in July 
  • May 2019
    • Crews continued underground pipework as well as stone placement and asphalt patching. Frontier began relocating their lines on 5/16/19, this phase of the project is expected to be complete in early June, crews will resume construction work after the relocation is complete.
  • April 2019
    • Contractor removed pavement on the south side of Ferguson Road and poured in the new curb. Removed pavement on the west side of Ardmore Avenue for the temporary lane, paved the temporary lane and asphalt patched the east bound lanes of Airport Expressway where the new culvert pipe crossed under the road. Crews patched at Airport Expressway/Ardmore in the westbound lanes. East side of Ardmore was excavated. Underground pipe and structure work continued
  • March 2019
    • The weather allowed for construction to begin with the installation of culvert pipe under Airport Expressway, light pole removal and work began on the south side of Ferguson

Newly poured concrete needs 7 days to cure. Do NOT move barricades and drive over concrete that is curing. It can damage the concrete, reduce the pavement’s life  -- causing it to crumble within months. Please be vigilant and stop people from moving barricades.

Parking: Residents may not have access to their driveway while work is being done on the section of their street. Please park away from construction and DO NOT block traffic lanes.

Trash & Recycling Collection: The night before collection day, residents should place their garbage and recycling containers near the curb, away from the barricades of construction zones for collection – which may be across the street or at the end of the cul-de-sac.If garbage collection trucks are not able to get to your street, due to construction work, they will try to collect the next day, before construction begins in the morning. For more information, call 311.

Neighborhood Engagement: Public Works staff members have been meeting with neighborhood associations to give residents the opportunity to view work zones, meet the contractors and ask questions about work being done in their neighborhoods. For questions or concerns, you may reach the Division of Public Works by calling 311 or 427-8311.