Investing in our Neighborhoods

2019 Neighborhood ADA Curb Ramps

Again, this year we are making improvements to pedestrian access for those with disabilities. The list below shows intersections that in most cases will have multiple ramps added on each side of the intersection.


Asquith &  Derbyshire  
Asquith &  Salisbury  
Ballycaastle Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Bluefield &  Verbena Lane  
Bluefield Place &  Knollton Run  
Bluefield Place &  Kentfield Place  
Bluffton  & Broadway  
Bramblewood Lane &  Clay Spring Place  
Branning &  Buell  
Branning &  Hoagland  
Branning &  Webster  
Caledon Place &  Moon Flower Place  
Caledon Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Chartwell &  Guild  
Cherry Creek Road &  Dupont Road  
Cilantro Cove &  Knollton Run  
Cilantro Cove &  Cul-de-sac  
Cilantro Cove &  No Cross  
Clay Spring Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Coriander Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Cutters Creek &  Timber Wheel Court  
Derry Place &  Ballycastle Place  
Dungiven Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Easton Ridge Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Fox Mill Run &  Cul-de-sac (north)  
Fox Mill Run &  Cutters Creek  
Fox Mill Run &  Millwright Place  
Fox Mill Run &  Millers Cove  
Fox mill Run &  Cul-de-sac (south)  
Ginko Cove &  Coriander Place  
Grier & Holton  
Guild &  Carterton  
Hamilton  & Weisser Park  
Keady Run &  Limerick Place  
Kenbridge Court &  Brightwood Court  
Kentfield Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Killarney Place &  Keady Run  
Knollton Run &  Cul-de-sac  
Lake Front &  Waterscape  
Lake Meade & Deep Creek  
Lake Meade & Mohave  
Lake Meade & Lake Tahoe  
Lake Tahoe  & Westlakes  
Lone Tree Place &  Sweet Cider Road  
Lone Tree Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Longwood Drive &  Culpepper Court  
Longwood Drive &  Longwood Court  
Longwood Drive &  Westmore Drive  
Longwood Drive &  Wilderness Road  
Marne Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Maywin Drive &  Ford Drive  
Maywin Drive &  Dungiven Place  
Maywin Drive &  Pomeroy Place  
Maywin Drive &  Limerick Place  
Maywin Drive &  Killarney Place  
Middleford Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Mill Creek Run &  No Cross  
Mill Creek Run &  Mound Creek Cove  
Mill Creek Run &  Shade Creek Place  
Mill Ridge Run &  Fox Mill Run  
Mill Ridge Run &  Timbers End Place  
Millers Cove &  Cul-de-sac  
Millstone Drive &  Sweet Cider Road  
Millstone Drive &  Easton Ridge Place  
Millwright Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Mound Creek Cove &  Cul-de-sac  
Mriposa Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Old Grist Mill &  Cul-de-sac  
Old Grist Mill &  Fox Mill Run  
Pepper Mill Place &  Timbers End Place  
Pepper Mill Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Salisbury &  Carterton  
Salisbury &  Esser  
Salisbury   &  Chartwell  
Shade Creek Place &  Cul-de-sac (north)  
Shade Creek Place &  Cul-de-sac (south)  
St  Ives &  Marne Place  
St  Ives Drive &  Millstone Drive  
St  Ives Drive &  Mariposa Place  
Sun Hollow Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Tacoma &  Clermont  
Timber Wheel Court &  Fox Mill Run  
Timber Wheel Court &  No Cross  
Timbers End Place &  Cul-de-sac  
Verbena Lane &  Bramblewood Lane  
W. Foster Pkwy &  Hoagland Avenue  
Water Wheel Run &  Knollton Run  
Westlakes &  Waterton  
Westlakes &  Birch  
Westlakes &  Cut Bank  
Westlakes &  Crater  
Westlakes &  Lake Sebago  
Westlakes &  Bitterroot  
Westlakes  & Unita  
Westmore Drive &  Radford Court  
Westmore Drive &  Westmore Court  
Westmore Drive &  Wild Flower Place  
Westmore Drive &  Wood Flower Court  
Westmore Drive &  Auburn Road  
White Hall Drive &  Albemarle Court  
White Hall Drive &  White Hall Court