Investing in our Neighborhoods

2019 Asphalt Street Repaving Improvements

Between the Street Department and area contractors the City will once again pave nearly 50 miles of asphalt street.   We will update this page with approximate start dates. Most of the projects will be completed within three days of when they begin  **weather permitting**  This is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change.

Arborfield Ct Cul-de-sac Chetham Dr Complete
Arnel Ave Maplecrest Rd Dead End Complete
Basswood Green Oak Glen Arbor Complete
Bayer Ave Delaware Ave Northwood Blvd Complete
Belle Vista Gates Old Trail Complete
Bitter End Cv Drake's Bay Run Cul-de-sac Complete
Blue Harbor Stagecoach Cedarwood Complete
Bluffton Rd Engle Rd Old trail Complete
Bowser Capitol Senate Complete
Bowser Senate McKinnie Complete
Capitol Gaywood Dr Smith Complete
Capitol Smith Oliver St Complete
Captiva Dr Trier Rd Sanibel Dr Complete
Cedar Glen Ridgemoor Ridgemoor Complete
Cedarwood Cul-de-sac Sandpiper Complete
Cherrystone Ct Cul-de-sac St Croix Dr Complete
Chetham Dr Tatum Ct Arborfield Ct Complete
Cle Elum Gates Remington Complete
Clingmans Trail Winding Way River Bluff Complete
Coldwater Rd Cook Ridgemoor Complete
Cook Rd Coldwater Cranberry Complete
Covington City Limits Sycamore Hills Complete
Dayton Beaver Fairfield Complete
Decatur Rd Avondale Dr E. Fairfax Ave Complete
Decatur Rd E. Fairfax Ave Hanna Complete
Decatur Rd U.S. 27 Avondale Dr Complete
Decatur Rd Hanna Hawthorne Complete
Decatur Rd Hawthorne Southview Ave Complete
Dyerbrook Pass Tatum Ct 5427 Dyerbrook Complete
E Maple Grove Gaywood Dr Smith Complete
E Maple Grove Smith Oliver St Complete
E. Sherwood Terr Hanna Weisser Park Complete
E. Sherwood Terr South Pk Spatz Complete
E. Sherwood Terr Weisser Pk South Park Complete
E. State Blvd Tyler Ave Wells Complete
Edgewood Ave Figel No Cross St Complete
Edgewood Ave Lima Figel Complete
Elwood Dr Fairlawn Pass Trier Rd Complete
Emilie Pine Whispering Woods Cul-de-sac Complete
Euclid Capitol Pettit Complete
Executive Blvd Coliseum Blvd Directors Row Complete
Executive Blvd Directors Row Production Complete
Executive Blvd Production Progress Complete
Fairlawn Pass Glencairn Dr Elwood Dr Complete
Forest Ave Pleasant Ave Hillside Ave Complete
Furge Dr Nina Reed Complete
Gates Cul-de-sac Corvalis Complete
Gaywood Capitol E. Maplegrove Complete
Gaywood E. Maplegrove Pettit Complete
Gaywood McKinnie Senate Complete
Gaywood Senate Congress Complete
Glen Arbor Grey Birch Basswood Complete
Golden Lane Maplecrest Rd Nyack Ave Complete
Green Oak Cul-de-sac Scott Complete
Grey Birch Glen Arbor Pass White Cedar Complete
Grey Birch Cul-de-sac Glen Arbor Pass Complete
Hanna McKinnie Ave Senate Complete
Hanna Jim Kelly Blvd Tillman Complete
Hanna Rudisill Richardsville Complete
Hanna Senate Congress Complete
Hanna Philley E. Fairfax Ave Complete
Hanna U.S. 27 Jim Kelly Blvd Complete
Hanna Congress E. Sherwood Complete
Hanna Cox Burns Complete
Hanna East Paulding Cox Complete
Hanna Kimberton Warfield Complete
Hanna Maple Grove Pettit Complete
Hanna City Line Prestwick Sq Complete
Hanna Warfield U.S. 27 Complete
Hanna Milton McKinnie Ave Complete
Hanna Richardsville Baxter Complete
Hanna Hanna Way City Line Complete
Hanna Tillman Hanna Way Complete
Hanna Belmont Decatur Rd Complete
Hanna Baxter Milton Complete
Hanna Burns Kimberton Complete
Hanna E. Fairfax Ave E. Fairfax Ave Complete
Hanna Pettit Philley Complete
Hanna E. Fairfax Ave Wilson Complete
Hanna Wilson Belmont Complete
Hanna E. Sherwood Maple Grove Complete
Harrison Darrow Pontiac Complete
Hillside Ave Cul-de-sac Forest Ave Complete
Incentive Dr No Cross St opportunity Complete
Innovation Blvd Innovation Ludwig Complete
Innovation Blvd Washington Center Innovation Complete
Investment Dr Coliseum Blvd No Cross St Complete
Investment Dr No Cross St Production Complete
Investment Dr Production Persistence Complete
Inwood Lane St Joe Ctr Rd Centerhurst Terr. Complete
Jackson Tree Whispering Woods Cul-de-sac Complete
Jason Dr Nina Reed Complete
Kinsmoor Beaver Fairfield Complete
Kinsmoor Fairfield Hoagland Complete
Lake Ave 220' e/of Garfield St N. Anthony Blvd Complete
Lightning Wood Whispering Woods Cul-de-sac Complete
Lochmere Cul-de-sac Longleaf Complete
Lodestone Dr Founder's Way Lotus Blossom Pl. Complete
Londonderry Lane Maplecrest Rd Rockingham Dr Complete
Longleaf Cul-de-sac Green Oak Complete
Lotus Blossom Pl Lodestone Dr Hidden Village Pl. Complete
Louisedale Dr Beckwith Wells Complete
Louisedale Dr Sherman Beckwith Complete
Lumbard Chestnut Reynolds Complete
Lumbard Molitor RR Complete
Lumbard New Haven Chestnut Complete
Lumbard Reynolds Molitor Complete
Lumbard Mc Donald Pennsylvania Complete
Lumbard Pennsylvania Pittsburg Complete
Lumbard Pittsburg Winch Complete
Lumbard RR Mc Donald Complete
Lumbard Winch Maumee Complete
Maeve Dr Ballymore Dr Kildare Crossing Complete
Magnavox Way Constitution Illinois Complete
Maplecrest Rd St. Joe Ctr.Rd Evard Rd Complete
McKinnie Ave Lillie S. Anthony Complete
McKinnie Ave Hanna Weisser Park Complete
McKinnie Ave Holton Reed St Complete
McKinnie Ave Smith Oliver St Complete
McKinnie Ave Oliver St Bowser Complete
McKinnie Ave McKinnie Circle Lafayette Complete
McKinnie Ave South Calhoun McKinnie Circle Complete
McKinnie Ave Avondale Dr Warsaw Complete
McKinnie Ave Bowser Bowser Complete
McKinnie Ave Bowser Robinwood Complete
McKinnie Ave Gaywood Smith Complete
McKinnie Ave Lafayette Avondale Dr Complete
McKinnie Ave Monroe Hanna Complete
McKinnie Ave Reed St Winter Complete
McKinnie Ave Robinwood Holton Complete
McKinnie Ave South Pk Spatz Complete
McKinnie Ave Spatz Gaywood Complete
McKinnie Ave Warsaw Monroe Complete
McKinnie Ave Weisser Pk South Park Complete
McKinnie Ave Winter St Lillie Complete
Meadows Park Way Crosshill Berryhill Complete
Mechanic Elm Main Complete
Medallion Pl Brittany Pl Cul-de-sac Complete
N. Brookwood Dr Northcreek Dr St JoeCtr.Rd Complete
N. Wells St Louisedale Lima Complete
Nina Dr Jason Furge Complete
North Anthony Blvd Lake Ave E. State Blvd Complete
Northside Dr Stadium Dr Charlotte Ave Complete
Oak Bay Run Northland Shadeland Complete
Oak Bay Run Silver Springs Run Shadeland Complete
Old Dover Blvd 520' e/of Cul-de-sac Northgate Blvd Complete
Oliver St Bowser Capitol Complete
Oliver St Capitol Senate Complete
Oliver St Maple Grove Bowser Complete
Oliver St Maple Grove No Cross Complete
Opportunity Dr W Cook Rd Incentive Complete
Rebecca St St Joe Rd Carnovan Complete
Red Oak Dr St JoeCtr.Rd Twilight Ln. Complete
Remington Belle Vista Cle Elum Complete
Ridgemoor Dr Coldwater Cedar Glen Dr Complete
River Birch Run Cul-de-sac Longleaf Complete
River Bluff Dr Nature Trail Clingmans Complete
River Run Trail Whitewater Pass St Joe Ctr. Complete
Riveroak Dr Clinton Swifts Run Complete
Rosalia Belle Vista Cle Elum Complete
Roy Raymond Raymond Complete
Roy Raymond Schele Complete
Roy Schele New Haven Complete
Roy Wayne Trace Raymond Complete
Sanibel Dr Hobson Rd Captiva Dr Complete
Saxton Run Tennyson Pl Concrete Pavement Complete
Senate Hanna Weisser Park Complete
Senate South Pk Spatz Complete
Senate Weiser Pk South Park Complete
Shadeland Ct Cul-de-sac Oak Bay Run Complete
Shearwater Pass Island Club Wallen Complete
Sherman Blvd Loch Lomond VillaPark Complete
Sherman Blvd Louisedale Trick Complete
Sherman Blvd Marrow Louisedale Complete
Sherman Blvd Villa Pk Marrow Complete
Silver Maple Whispering Woods Cul-de-sac Complete
Silver Springs Run Oak Bay Run Silver Springs Complete
Smith E. Maplegrove Ave Pettit Complete
South Hanna St. Oxford St. Creighton Complete
Spring Burn Pass Woodbriar Pass Wyndemere Ln. Complete
Spring Forest Whispering Woods Cul-de-sac Complete
St Croix Dr Hobson Rd Captiva Dr Complete
St Joe Rd Catalpa Rothermere Complete
St Joe Rd Northwest Rebecca Complete
St Joe Rd Rebecca Catalpa Complete
St Joe Rd Renfrew City Limits Complete
St Joe Rd Rothermere Renfrew Complete
St Joe Rd Rothman I-469 Complete
St Joe Ctr.Rd Reed Rd 850' e/ofReed Rd Complete
Stadium Dr Northside Dr Parnell Ave Complete
Stonegate Pl Hidden River Falcon Hill Complete
Stormy Whispering Woods Cul-de-sac Complete
Taylor St Mary's Bridge BRdway Complete
Tecumseh St 1117 Tecumseh St Tennessee Ave Complete
Tecumseh St Edgewater/Crescent Maumee River Bridge Approach Complete
Tennessee Ave Spy Run Ave Griswold Dr (Bridge) Complete
Trellis Cv Treasure Cv Cul-de-sac Complete
Trier Rd Maplecrest Rd 675’ e/of Maplecrest Rd Complete
Trierwood Pk Dr Elwood Dr Reed Rd Complete
Vermont Ave Alley w/of 1718 Vermont N. Anthony Blvd Complete
W. Packard Fairfield S. Calhoun Complete
Wallen Chase Run Wallen Crosier Complete
Wallen Rd 275’ w/of Wallen Chase 745’ w/of Shearwater Complete
Warsaw Creighton Taber Complete
Warsaw Dewald Creighton Complete
Warsaw Suttenfield Woodland Complete
Warsaw Taber Suttenfield Complete
Warsaw Woodland Pontiac Complete
Warsaw Boltz Colerick Complete
Warsaw Colerick Colerick Complete
Warsaw Colerick Wildwood Complete
Warsaw Dalman Agnes Complete
Warsaw Eckart Dalman Complete
Warsaw Grumper Rudisill Complete
Warsaw Hamilton Grumper Complete
Warsaw Leith Boltz Complete
Warsaw Pontiac Leith Complete
Warsaw Wildwood Eckart Complete
Warsaw McKinnie Ave Senate Complete
Warsaw Senate Congress Complete
Waterwood Cedarwood Cul-de-sac Complete
Wellesley Shorewood Whispering Woods Complete
Wells St. Archer Ave. Mildred Ave. Complete
Wells St. Franke Pk Dr. Louisedale Dr. Complete
Wells St. Mildred Ave. Wallywood Ave. Complete
West Creek Blvd Contractors Washington Ctr Complete
West Creek Blvd Cul-de-sac Contractors Complete
Westfield Dr Stone Point Riley Complete
Westfield Dr Cook Rd Stone Point Complete
Whispering Woods Dead End Spring Forest Complete
Winding Way Dr No Cross St Clingmans Complete
Winding Way Dr River Ranch No Cross St Complete
Woodbriar Pass Arborfield Ct. Spring Burn Pass Complete
Wyndemere Ct Cul-de-sac Spring Burn Pass Complete
Wyndemere Lane Spring Burn Pass Reed Rd Complete

PLEASE DO NOT MOVE BARRICADES Newly poured concrete needs 7 days to cure. Do NOT move barricades and drive over concrete that is curing. It can damage the concrete, reduce the pavement’s life  -- causing it to crumble within months. Please be vigilant and stop people from moving barricades.

Parking: Residents may not have access to their driveway while work is being done on the section of their street. Please park away from construction and DO NOT block traffic lanes.

Trash & Recycling Collection: The night before collection day, residents should place their garbage and recycling containers near the curb, away from the barricades of construction zones for collection – which may be across the street or at the end of the cul-de-sac.If garbage collection trucks are not able to get to your street, due to construction work, they will try to collect the next day, before construction begins in the morning. For more information, call 311.

Neighborhood Engagement: Public Works staff members have been meeting with neighborhood associations to give residents the opportunity to view work zones, meet the contractors and ask questions about work being done in their neighborhoods. For questions or concerns, you may reach the Division of Public Works by calling 311 or 427-8311.