Investing in our Neighborhoods

2019 Chip and Seal Street Improvements

The Street Department will complete Chip and Seal improvements at the following locations in 2019.

The project locations are usually completed within two days of when they begin.

Annette Avenue Lake Nevada  
Forest Avenue deadend deadend  
Nevada Annette Laverne  
Stanley Lake Nevada  
Arizona Coliseum deadend  
Cherokee Road Tyler deadend  
Conrad Street Virginia deadend  
Ellen Avenue Tyler deadend  
Emerson Steup Avenue deadend  
Huffman Blvd Tyler Steup Avenue  
Ida Avenue Tyler deadend  
Irvington Norfolk Garland  
Norfolk Lima Irvington  
Rabus Lima deadend  
Russell Sherman Blvd deadend  
Steup Avenue Rosemont deadend  
Tyler Avenue Spring Street Howell  
Adams Evans Drexel  
Belmont Drive Calhoun Fairfield  
Bowser Avenue Paulding Road Rossevelt Drive  
Euclid Rudisill McKinnie  
Fleetwood Pontiac New Haven  
Grier Street Oliver Lillie Street  
Hawthorne Calhoun Harrison  
Ormsby Adams deadend  
Senate Lafayette Hanna  
Slataper Wayne Trace McCormick  
Southview Decatur Avondale