Investing in our Neighborhoods

2021 Brick Street and Alley Projects

Project Locations

West Central Neighborhood 

East/West brick alley between W Wayne St, W Washington, Jackson & Union

Project Status: 3/15/21 - Design complete, project will be entering bidding phase soon

Est Start: : Spring 2021 
Est End: Early Summer 2021

Contractor: TBD
Investment: TBD

West Central Neighborhood - 

East/West alley between W Wayne, W Washington, College St & Rockhill

Project Status:  3/15/21 - Final design

Est Start: Spring 2021 
Est End: Summer 2021

Contractor: TBD
Investment: TBD

Williams-Woodland Neighborhood -

East/West & North/South brick alley between W Creighton Ave, W Taber St, Webster St, & S Harrison St

Project Status:  3/15/21 - Design complete, project beginning bidding phase 

Est Start: April 2021
Est End: June 2021

Contractor: TBD
Investment: TBD