Investing in our Neighborhoods

2020 Chip and Seal 

Project Locations
Alley -  Winter to Creighton   Completed
Annette Ave Lake Nevada Completed
Arizona Coliseum deadend Completed
Auer Dr Meadowbrook deadend Completed
Bauer Tillman Seddlemeyer  
Bellmont Calhoun  Fairfield  
Betty Ave Westgate Neuhaus Completed
Brookwood St. Joe Ctr Rd Knollcrest Completed
Bueter Rd McKinnie Pettit  
Charlton Westview  Covington  
Cherokee Rd Tyler deadend  
Clayton Sherman deadend Completed
Coldwater Rd Access Coldwater deadend  
Conrad Virginia deadend Completed
Creighton St Lillie St. Lahmeyer Completed
Creighton St Lillie St Milan St  
Creighton St Holton Bowser/Woodbine Completed
Daisy Shepherd Northcreek Completed
Denise Karen Ct Rothman Rd Completed
Doenges Reed Rd deadend Completed
Donnell Ave Virginia Ave deadend Completed
Dunn St Virginia Ave Lima Rd Completed
E. Shore St. Joe Ctr Rd deadend  
Edgerton Main deadend  
Edgerton Ave W. Main St Junk ditch Completed
Eicher Woodlea Christian Completed
Ellen Ave Tyler deadend  
Emerson Steup Ave deadend  
Euclid Rudisill McKinnie  
Forest Ave deadend deadend  
Gardendale Anthony Old Decatur  
Gillieron Auburn deadend Completed
Glazer Parnell Northside Dr Completed
Godfrey Winchester deadend  
Greeley St Jackson VanBuren  
Greendale Trier North St Completed
Haffner Stellhorn deadend Completed
Harold Dr Rothman Ray Completed
Howell St Tyler Ave deadend Completed
Huffman Blvd Tyler  Steup Ave  
Ida Ave Tyler deadend  
Innsbruck Stellhorn Janet  
Karen Ct Denise  Ray Completed
Knollcrest Meadowbrook Brookwood Completed
Kristine Ashland Kipling Ct Completed
Lane Dr Carroll Rd deadend Completed
Lathrop Spring St deadend Completed
Mamie Woodlea Christian Completed
Manor Woods Pkwy Hwy 24 Manor Woods Rd  
McClure Ct Engle deadend  
McKinnie Ave Wayne Trace Bueter Rd  
Meadowbrook St. Joe Ctr Rd deadend Completed
Neuhaus Spring St deadend Completed
Nevada Annette  Laverne Completed
North Highlands Stanford Yale Completed
Northcreek Dr N Brookwood Dr Meadowbrook Dr Completed
Rabus Lima deadend Completed
Ray Linda Kristine Dr Completed
Richland Fairway Getz  
Royal Schmucker Christian  
Russell  Sherman deadend  
Seddlemeyer Bauer Old Decatur  
Shepherd Meadowbrook Brookwood Completed
Slataper Wayne Trace McCormick  
Southbrook Knollcrest Meadowbrook Completed
Southview Decatur Avondale  
Stanford Ave Trinity Blvd N. Highland Completed
Stanley Lake Nevada Completed
Steup Ave Rosemont deadend  
Talisman Auburn deadend Completed
Tyler Ave Spring St Howell Completed
Virginia Ave Coliseum Lee St Completed
Westgate  Leesburg deadend Completed
Westview Covington Charlton  
Woodrow Glenwood St. Joe River Dr Completed
Yale Dr N. Highland Princeton Completed