To provide City of Fort Wayne employees with appropriate transportation in the most economic, environmentally friendly and effective manner by following procedures developed to match each department's specific job function and utilization to the appropriate equipment specifications.

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The City of Fort Wayne's Fleet Management Department is responsible for keeping the city vehicles and equipment in service. We accomplish this in the most economic, effective, and environmentally friendly manner possible. We take pride knowing that we make a difference in improving the quality of life for the citizens of Fort Wayne. We currently maintain a diverse fleet of approximately 2,100 units which are also purchased, fueled and disposed of by our department. The Fleet Director also develops policies for the use of city vehicles and helps departments develop vehicle replacement programs. We operate two vehicle maintenance facilities and one centrally located fueling site.


The Fleet Management Department consists of
the Fleet Director, Shop Supervisor, Office Manager, Systems Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Service Writers (2), Technicians (19), and Parts Clerks (3).


The City Fleet Department has been entrusted with the task of maintaining a centrally located fuel site, with a total capacity of 30,600 gallons of gasoline, bio-diesel (B20) and DEF fluid. This fueling station is vital to the operation of our emergency vehicles as well as the rest of the fleet. The City of Fort Wayne is committed to maintaining this fuel site in accordance with all Federal, State, and local environmental regulations ensuring a cleaner environment for the citizens of Fort Wayne.

The City of Fort Wayne also partners with Lassus Brothers Oil, Inc. to provide 15 remote fueling locations throughout the city. This service allows city employees to remain in their designated part of town during working hours without having to be "out of service" to fuel their vehicles.

With the addition of the Lassus stations, the city is able to utilize E85 and E30. These fuel types have proven cost effective and environmentally friendly.




  • 300+ vehicles and equipment operate on B20 fuel
  • 58 number of plug in and hybrid vehicles
  • 120 trucks equipment with idle-reduction technology


  • In 2006, The City of Fort Wayne launched a Green City Initiative to develop a comprehensive energy and air quality plan.
  • The Fleet Management Department has established processes to eventually reduce overall fleet emissions by 50% and become more environmentally friendly.


  • 100% of our diesel fuel vehicles run on biodiesel (B20) fuel. By expanding the use of B20, we are taking steps to a greener city.
  • As a part of the cities "Green City Initiative", we have continued to purchase more hybrids. These units are being used in a variety of different City departments. A few examples are the Hybrid Ford Fusion and Hybrid Ford Escapes. They have replaced older sedans and pickups with lower gas mileage.
  • We are moving toward more electrification. We have received a grant for a fully electric Zeus crew cab with dump body.



City of Fort Wayne, Fleet Director 
larryLarry Campbell

AFFILIATIONS & SERVICE (past & present)

  • Greater Indiana, served on the Board of Directors for 18 years. During those 18 years he served as the President, Vice President or Director for 12 years.
  • National APWA Certification Council - Served as a Board Member
  • Sourcewell Fleet Equipment Advisory Council - Board Member
  • Indiana Chapter of the APWA - Board Member
  • Ford Police Advisory Board - Served as a Board Member


  • Implementation of an environmental management system for waste stream of hazard materials.
  • Addition of oil separators in the garage to reduce it's concentration in storm drains.
  • Recyling all used oil, antifreeze, cardboard, plastics and steel.
  • Decreasing lighting costs & energy use, computer usage, thermostats & heater energy.
  • Start of the Green Fleet.


  • #2 Green Fleet & Facility for Private and Public Sector from Fleet Equipment Magazine and Citgo Oil

  • Top 20 rankings in “100 Best” Fleets from Fleet Magazine since 2005 through 2022

  • Ranked in the top 20 in "Green Fleet" from 2008 to 2021

  • Ranked in the top 20 from 2012 to 2021 in the Government Leading Fleets Magazine

  • Hybrid Award for Innovations in Hybrids from Greater Indiana

  • ASE Blue Seal Recognition for the facility 



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