Vehicle/Equipment Downtime
  • What is downtime?
    • Downtime refers to the period of time when a vehicle or piece of equipment is unavailable due to factors such as planned or unplanned maintenance, repairs, and replacements
  • Our main goal is to keep the vehicles on the road with minimal "down time"

    We have in place a very efficient Preventative Maintenance (PM) prgram where each unit is scheduled for filter changes at the appropriate intervals specific to each piece of equipment.

  • In our efforts to keep our down time to a minimum, the City of Fort Wayne established the following goals:
    • Turnaround Time Goals:  
      • 24 Hours - 80%
      • 48 Hours - 90%
  • These numbers reflect heavy, medium, light, small, and special equipment.
  • Public Safety Fleet, such as Police and Fire vehicles, maintain higher turnaround percentage goals of 85% and 95%.
  • During the PM Service a complete inspection can check for potential problems before they happen.
  • Using this practice we can make minor repairs before they turn into large and costly ones
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