Fleet Management

 Green Fleet

By the numbers:
  • 383 = Number of vehicles and equipment that operate on B20 Fuel
  • 31 = Number of plug-in and hybrid vehicles
  • 114 = Number of trucks equipped with idle-reduction technology
History of City of Fort Wayne Green Fleet:
  • In 2006, the City of Fort Wayne launched a Green City Initiative to develop a comprehensive energy and air quality plan.
  • The Fleet Management Department has established priorities to eventually reduce overall fleet emissions by 50% and become more environmentally friendly.
  • Our fleet is nationally recognized as one of the best Green Fleets in North America. 
Actions towards "Going Green":
  • One hundred percent 100% of our diesel fuel vehicles run on biodiesel (B20) fuel. By expanding the use of B20, we are taking steps to a "greener" City.
  • As a part of the City's "Green City Initiative" we have continued to purchase more hybrids and plug-in vehicles.
    • We currently have 31 hybrids and plug-in vehicles within our fleet, ranging from sedans to SUVs. These units are being used in a variety of different City departments. A few examples are the Hybrid Ford Fusion and Hybrid Ford Escapes. They have replaced older sedans and pickups with lower gas mileage