The Traffic Engineering Department is responsible for roadway operations, maintenance and program implementation. The Traffic Engineering Department strives to provide safe and efficient movement of vehicles, people and goods through the community advocated by established regulations and the elected administration, including: to produce the maximum level of traffic service with limited resources for capital improvements and operation; to develop new engineering techniques to move people and goods safely and efficiently; and to create and maintain a communication channel between the administration and the public. To contact the Traffic Engineer, please call (260) 427-1172 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Services offered by the Traffic Engineering Department: 

  • Traffic Studies & Surveys (Obtaining factual data, analysis of data, recommendations)
  • Accident Studies & Collision Diagrams
  • Complaint Requests & Investigations
  • School Crossing & Safety Studies
  • Pedestrian Studies
  • Review Building Permit Applications
  • Review Proposed Residential, Commercial & Industrial Access Permits
  • Amendments to City Traffic Code
  • Emergency Detours & Street Closures
  • Planning & Design of Traffic Control



Traffic Engineering works with various city departments, private contractors, construction contracts, developers and businesses on requests for closures or restrictions. Full road closures are typically avoided unless work operations or safety is compromised. The city permits work on city streets, but work on roads such as Coliseum Blvd (SR 930), Lima Road (SR 3), Clinton & Lafayette (US 27), Illinois Rd (SR 14) are permitted by the Indiana Department  of Transportation (INDOT).

In 2018, there were 1,400 closure/restriction permits approved for work on city streets. Below are links showing active projects or work within the city.


Traffic Page
Click link above to view the interactive road closure map!







Traffic Calming is a program offered by the city to help residents work with the city on potentially making changes to residential streets to help slow or change traffic patterns. Below are links outlining this program.

General Information

Traffic Calming Policy/Program  *1/15/20*

Radar Speed Display and Traffic Data Collection

         *Fort Wayne and FWCS Radar Speed Display Counter information can be found


Traffic Calming Petition Form (Parking Designations or One Way)

Traffic Calming Petition Form (Stop, Speed Limit, Other)






There are various maps useful to our department and the public specific to traffic within the city limits. Below are links to useful information such as speed limits, classifications, and ADT.

Bridges Map

Streets by Type Map

Truck Route Map  -  With Bridge Weight Postings 

2019 Average Daily Traffic Map (ADT)  * Updated 1/14/20



Standards used by Traffic Engineering may be useful in your planning or understanding of traffic. Below are links used by the department for guidance in design or construction of traffic facilities.

Parking Design Standards

Parking Meter Map Location - ** New 3-15-19 **

Indiana MUTCD

General Design Standards



Title VII of the City Code outlines general traffic regulations such as operation, parking, and definitions. Below are links which may help clarify some of these regulations within the city.

Fort Wayne City Code

One-Way Streets Map

Speed Limit Map



Go to Street Light Engineering page


To report a street light or alley light out, please call 427-8311 or 311 OR report here on-line. Please provide the pole number located on the yellow verticle tag labeled Street Light, the address of the light and a contact name and number in case there is a problem with the light.



The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of Street Lights, Signals, Signs, Pavement Markings, and City Communication lines within the city. The City of Fort Wayne owns 299 traffic signals within the city limits, and additionally maintains approximately 100 traffic signals within Allen County.

 Banner Display

* Applications Subject to Review and Existing Banner Application Coordination



The MLK Bridge was completed in July of 2012. The MLK Bridge not only serves a purpose as a beautiful memorial to Dr. King, but it also serves as a gateway entrance into downtown Fort Wayne.

Lighting Programs



The Division of Public Works will work with local residents on establishing Memorial Parkways. Memorial Parkways will be designated with signage along the route approved by the department.

General Information

Memorial Parkway Policy

Memorial Parkway Application

Current Listing of Memorial Parkways   *please notify department of any errors or omissions*

Memorial Parkway Biographies -   those who make our community great!



On Street Parking

Accessible Parking Application Form

Parking Designation Petition Form

Speed Bumps

Roundabout Information

Oversized & Overweight Vehicles Information -  *Please Reference the Truck Route Map Above for routing*

Traffic Cameras

Traffic Signal Cabinet Art Program (NEW 4/25/19)

Land Use, Permitting and Inspections Satisfaction Survey



To report traffic or pedestrian signals out at an intersection, please call 311.

To report existing traffic signs down, please call 311.




Traffic Engineering
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