Ewing/Fairfield Street Conversion between Baker Street and Superior Street with Roundabout at Superior/Ewing/Fairfield

Project Description

  • Conversion of Fairfield & Ewing Streets from one-way to two-way traffic between Baker Street and Superior Street.
  • Include the conversion from one-way to two-way traffic on Baker Street between Fairfield and Ewing Streets.
  • Design of a roundabout at the 5-legged intersection of Fairfield/Ewing/Superior/Wells as indicated in the Feasibility Study, prepared by American Structurepoint and dated April 6, 2012.
  • Extension of the lane reduction on West Jefferson Blvd between Fairfield Avenue and Broadway by widening the sidewalk on the south side.
  • Change lane configuration on Main Street between Jackson Street and Maiden Lane from the existing 4-lane configuration to three lanes (one travel lane and bike lane in each direction with center two-way-left-turn lane).


jpgEwing/Fairfield Renderings

pdfEwing/Fairfield Feasibility Study