The primary mission of Transportation Engineering Services is to effectively and efficiently provide engineering support, design, and construction management for the improvement of our city's transportation system, and secondly, to ensure the integrity of that system through code enforcement and material testing. To contact our department, call (260) 427-1172 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Transportation Construction Projects

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Street Project Management and Technical Services are the two sections that make up the Transportation Engineering Services Department.

Street Project Management’s mission is to plan, design, and implement the construction and repair of a safe and efficient street, alley, curb, and sidewalk system in the City of Fort Wayne. Many construction projects are the result of petitions filed by property owners through the Barrett Law process, applications through the Community and Economic Development Block Grant program, and a yearly local street resurfacing program established by the Division of Public Works. Below is a list of typical services provided by Street Project Management:

  • Design roadway improvements from various funding sources.
  • Provide construction management during repair and new construction of roadway related infrastructure.
  • Provide estimates and recommendations for pavements and roadway related improvements.
  • Implement the ADA Curb Ramp Transition Plan by way of design and construction management.
  • Address the concerns of the general public.
  • Review sub-division plans for all proposed development within the incorporated limits of the City of Fort Wayne to ensure compliance with City street construction standards.
  • Determine compliance of newly constructed streets.
  • Assist various City Departments with engineering expertise, review, and construction management.

Technical Services
’ mission is to provide engineering support for the construction and repair of street, alley, curb and sidewalk systems in the City of Fort Wayne and to ensure that all projects comply with City street engineering standards. Below is a list of typical services provided by Technical Services:

  • Make initial surveys for construction projects.
  • Survey stake construction projects during the building stage.
  • Provide preliminary estimates and narratives for potential projects.
  • Establish the right-of-way and make miscellaneous surveys for non-construction related projects.
  • Create construction plans using engineering software and computerized survey equipment.
  • Prepare and update plat maps.
  • Prepare and update the GIS base maps.
  • Maintain and update the Pavement Management System.
  • Operate a print reproduction room.
  • Provide construction inspection for transportation projects.
  • Inspect privately developed transportation projects entering the City's transportation system.
  • Operate a laboratory to test construction materials.
  • Prepare drawings for fatal accidents occurring within the public right-of-way.
  • Maintain the city benchmark system.
  • Prepare record drawings of newly constructed projects.


Transportation Engineering Services
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