As the Technical Director of the 911 Communications Radio Shop, I welcome you to our home page.  The Radio Shop has the responsibility of purchasing, installing and maintaining all of the technical and communications equipment not only for the 911 communications center, but for all of the city departments.  This includes the police and fire departments, as well as street, water, sewer, traffic engineering, parks and street lighting just to name a few.  We maintain two major 800 MHz radio communications backbones that handle all two-way radio traffic for public safety and most public service departments in the city as well as county government agencies.  Other job responsibilities also include maintaining approximately 3500 two-way radios and pagers, as well as in car computers, video camera systems, light and siren controllers, moving radar and shotgun racks that are installed into vehicles for the police and fire departments.

The Radio Shop was originally created in the early 1950's to support the city's first radio system for City Utilities.  Since then, we have grown to eight employees and a 6700 square foot facility.  More information will be presented in the near future.