The reporting and compliance forms below may be downloaded and saved to your computer, then filled in, printed and mailed back to City Utilities.
Questions may be directed to the City Utilities Industrial Pretreatment Section by calling 260-427-1271 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Accidental Discharge/Unanticipated Bypass Report (WPCP-FCD-0007)

Compliance Monitoring Report (CMR)  (WPCP-FCD-0008 - revised 2.22.19)

Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR)  (WPCP-FCD-0009)

Toxic Organic Management Plan Application (WPCP-FCD-0004)

Industrial Wastewater Questionnaire (IWQ)  (WPCP-FCD-0005 - revised 2.22.19)

Industrial User Wastewater Survey & Permit Application (WPCP-FCD-0006 - revised 2.21.19)

Chain of Custody Form (WPCP-FCD-012)

TOMP Semi-Annual Certification Form (WPCP-FCD-0074)

Industry pH Calibration Record Sheet (WPCP-FCD-0077)

Pretreatment Upset Form (WPCP-FCD-0078)