The City Utilities Design and Construction Resource Center provides general utility design resources, green design resources, and standard drawing and specification templates.

The Design Standards Manual is a guide for the planning, design, and construction of stormwater and sanitary sewer collection systems, water distribution systems and facilities, and associated activities for City Utilities. Guidelines, basic design criteria, standards, and mapping are presented in the Standards. 

City Utilities Master Specifications are provided as a convenience and a tool for engineers doing work with or for the City Utilities. Master Specifications are provided to the Engineer with Notes to Specifier (NTS), throughout the documents. Each NTS identifies sections within the speciation that must be reviewed and edited by the Engineer. The Master Specifications are also referenced in Book 5 Materials MA2.04 Master Specifications.

The appropriate Standards and Drawings are to be used as part of the Project Documents related to the CUE project and should be used in conjunction with the other Utilities Design Resources. The details are expected to be used as presented. When a special detail is created, it must not conflict with other requirements in the Standards, other City Utilities' Engineering (CUE) Standard Drawings and Details, or National CADD Standard V5.0 (NCS) guidelines. The Standards Drawings and Details are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File (PDF) and Autodesk review design filed (DWF) format. The CADD Resources are also references in Book 6 CADD Standards CADD8.02 General. 

Early phases of site development such as plan review are handled by City Utilities' Development Services Department. For information regarding land use, planning, zoning, permitted uses, variances, etc. please contact Community Development