State Boulevard between Cass Street and Spy Run Avenue will be reconstructed to improve pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety. The project also will replace an 80-year-old bridge that's in disrepair and bring it to current standards. [ Read More Below ]


Federal regulations have changed since the bridge was built in the 1930's. To meet Federal flood requirements the new bridge must be built more than seven feet higher. The area of State Boulevard to be improved also has an unacceptable number of accidents. The new bridge and accompanying street enhancements will protect the neighborhood from flooding while improving safety for motorists and pedestrians.

To minimize the impact of the higher bridge elevation and preserve the integrity of the historical street layout, the new bridge will be relocated just to the south and the existing State Boulevard will become a residential street at the Brookview neighborhood. This relocation will preserve homes on the north side of State while the new roadway will occupy an area, to the south, where homes were identified for voluntary buyout for flood protection along Spy Run Creek.

Visualizing the project