City Utilities undertakes many projects each year to improve stormwater drainage.  Some of these are small repairs that are done by the Water Pollution Control Maintenance Department.  Larger projects may involve months of study and design work followed by a public bidding process that culminates in a contract between City Utilities and a contractor.  Read more.....

The projects below are neighborhood drainage improvement projects where a contractor will be hired to do the construction.  These projects will likely involve meetings between City Utilities and neighborhood residents.  Click on the name of the project to see more details including an area map, fact sheet and announcements of neighborhood meetings.  The dates shown below provide a general timeframe for project construction or may indicate a start date for design.  Click on the project name for more detailed information.

June 2018                                         Hessen Cassel Road Storm Drainage Improvements Phase 1 & 2 - design

April 2018                                          Lawrence Drain Storm Drainage Improvement - design

March 2018                                        Hemlock Lane Storm Drainage Improvement - design

March 2018                                        Huffman-Putnam Sewer Separation Phase 1 - design

March 2018                                        Louisedale Drive Drainage Improvements - design

March 2018                                        Schoppman Drain Imprvements - design

December 2017                                  Aboite Meadows Storm Drainage Improvements - design

January 2018 - September 2018         Buesching Drive-North Drive-Reed Road Storm Drainage Improvements

December 2017 - December 2018       Maplewood Park Storm Drainage Improvements