Prevent Pollution Everyday for a Cleaner Environment

Pollution prevention is any practice that reduces, eliminates or prevents pollution at its source. Reducing the amount of pollution produced means less waste to control, dispose of or treat. Pollution prevention is a key to protecting public health and the environment.

Here are some simple pollution prevention habits that you can start during pollution prevention week and continue every day!

Safely Eliminate Mercury

Mercury is a chemical element that is highly toxic but may still be found in some everyday household items such as fever thermometers, compact fluorescent light bulbs, non-electronic thermostats, some batteries and the switches on some appliances.  Mercury-containing items should never be thrown into the trash because the mercury can contaminate soil, groundwater and water bodies.  City Utilities offers a Household Mercury Checklist and instructions for cleaning up small mercury spills.  Learn more about proper disposal of mercury-containing items by visiting

expired medicationProperly Dispose of Unused Medicine

You may get rid of unused and unwanted medications in an environmentally responsible way twice each year at many area Walgreens Drug Stores.  The next Unused Medication Collection event will be held in September 2018.  Check back for hours nad locations.

  • The most important considerations when disposing of unused or expired prescription medications is keeping them out of waterways and disposing of them in ways that reduce the chances for drug abuse and accidental poisoning.
  • Allen County TRIAD sponsors two annual medication collection days. If you miss those days, medications may also be dropped off at local police agency offices.
  • Flushing pills, putting them down the drain or putting them into the trash are no longer considered to be environmentally safe practices.
  • Liquid medications may be disposed of in the trash so long as you do the following: add kitty litter or used coffee grounds to the bottle then tape the lid onto the bottle using electrical or duct tape.

Protect the Environment as You Clean

Stop Buying Bottled Drinking Water

Make a commitment to drink tap water from a refillable bottle. You’ll save yourself money and keep throw-away plastic bottles out of landfills.