City Utilities is designing a project that will improve drainage and reduce flooding on Melbourne Court and Kenton Lane.  The project will involve reshaping and regrading portions of the Lawrence Drain into a two-stage ditch, which will provide more stormwater storage during and after rain storms.  The project will incorporate properties along the west side of Melbourne Court that have been purchased by the City.

pdfDesign Meeting invitation - April 9, 2018

pdfProject Fact Sheet

City Utilities has selected a contractor for a project that will install a new storm sewer pipe and inlets to improve drainage in the 4900 block of Hemlock Lane.  The new storm sewer will run east to Reed Road where it will connect with an existing storm sewer. Constructed is expected to begin in mid-July 2018.

Construction Manager - Zack Schaefer
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pdfProject Fact Sheet

Superior  Clinton Dec 17 - 2013City Utilities completes many types of stormwater drainage projects each year - from small repairs to large separations and replacements. Some projects help add stormwater capacity to the existing system to help with flooding, while other projects add new service areas into the system due to development. One of the largest projects ever undertaken by City Utilities is Tunnel Works Project aimed at significantly reducing the number of occasions during the year when combined sewers overflow to the city's rivers.  These combined sewer overflow events or CSOs are directly related to stormwater management since the overflows occur when stromwater causes the sewer system to exceed its capacity.
Catch up on stormwater drainage and other projects on the Projects & Meetings page. 
Fort Wayne City Utilities frequently holds special meetings to discuss projects with residents who may be affected. Meetings are held at several stages in each project. Usually meetings are held when project design is about to begin, just before construction begins and when design is complete. Stay informed and sign up for e-news updates.
The projects below are neighborhood drainage improvement projects where a contractor will be hired to do the construction.  These projects will likely involve meetings between City Utilities and neighborhood residents.  Click on the name of the project to see more details including an area map, fact sheet and announcements of neighborhood meetings.  The dates shown below provide a general timeframe for project construction or may indicate a start date for design.  Click on the project name for more detailed information.
January 2019 Fairfield Ditch Bank Stabalization - Phase 1 - design
January 2019 Plymouth Road Storm Drainage Improvements - design
September 2018 Brookside-Parkerdale Storm Drainage Improvements - design
August 2018  St. Croix Drive Drainage Improvement
November 2018 Hessen Cassel Road Storm Drainage Improvements Phase 1 & 2 - design
April 2018 Lawrence Drain Storm Drainage Improvement - design
March 2018 Hemlock Lane Storm Drainage Improvement - design
Summer 2019 Huffman-Putnam Sewer Separation Phase 1
March 2018 Louisedale Drive Drainage Improvements - design
March 2018 Schoppman Drain Imprvements - design
Spring 2019 Aboite Meadows Storm Drainage Improvements
January 2018 - September 2018 Buesching Drive-North Drive-Reed Road Storm Drainage Improvements
December 2017 - December 2018 Maplewood Park Storm Drainage Improvements



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