Advertising and Responding to Emergencies

  • Charlotte Dodge water main break
  • Hurshtown Reservoir dam improvements
  • 1997 main break, low pressure, avoidance of boil order

Providing Reliable & Safe Drinking Water

  • Smith Road
  • Parnell water main break 
  • Aqua Indiana

Protecting Neighborhoods From Flooding & Improving Drainage

  • Fern/Dalevue
  • Camp Scott
  • Ewing Street

Protecting Natural & Historic Resources

  • Bass Road
  • Both Plants

Reservation of brick sewers

  • Sustainability Initiatives

Coordinating with State & Federal Agencies & Regulations

  • LTCP accelerated projects, exceeded overflow reduction, down to one on St. Joe
  • Superior Essex
  • Becketts Run

Protecting People and Property from sewer Back-ups

  • CSPS
  • Sussex

Doing Good Business Through Value Engineering, Cost Savings and Risk Reduction

  • Use of CIPP technology vs. open cut

Mitigating Impacts & Implementing Successful Restorations

  • Meet the contractor meetings
  • Spy Run Creek Pond
  • Snider Glenwood Project
  • Barr Street

Preparing For Growth & Economic Development

  • Sewer capacity projects
  • St. Joe equalization basin
  • West-side pump station/Master planning for projects

Partnering with Customers to Ease Challenges

  • Cost-share project for making repairs
  • State St. water main
  • Broadway Street traffic maintenance