City Utilities is designing a project that will improve drainage by installing new storm sewers, replacing portions of the existing stormwater management infrastructure and regrading areas so that more stormwater runoff will be directed into the storm sewer system.  New storm sewers are planned for portions of the 5100 - 5300 blocks of Derome Drive, Rosebury Drive, the 5100 - 5200 blocks of Ione Drive, the 6600 - 6700 blocks of Canby Drive, and on Garland Drive from Rosebury Drive to Evard Road.  Water main replacement work in also being planned in some of these areas.

Design Manager
Landon Geiger
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pdfProject Fact Sheet

pdfProject Area Map - showing the Brookside-Parkerdale area studies by City Utilities and highlighting the area where work will be done during Phase 1 (map is a large file and may take several seconds to open)

pdfPhase 1 Project Limits - showing anticipated location of new storm sewers and water main replacement (map is a large file and may take several seconds to open)