In some neighborhoods south of the Maumee and east of the St. Mary's River construction of consolidation sewers will be taking place that will connect existing sewers to the tunnel. These new sewers will be constructed by traditional "open cut" methods which will be as disruptive as a normal sewer construction project with disruption such as traffic detours, construction noise and truck traffic. Also, at approximately eleven locations along the route of the tunnel, drop shafts will be constructed to drop the combined sewage from the consolidation sewers into the tunnel during wet weather when the tunnel is being used. These drop shafts sites will be areas where construction activities could be disruptive due to construction noise or truck traffic. As design progresses for constructing within these areas, more meetings will be organized with local residents and businesses to discuss how to minimize these construction disruptions.

Construction of the tunnel itself will cause very little disruption. There will be increased truck traffic around the drop shaft locations as soil and bedrock that is being removed by the tunnel boring machine is trucked away. There will also be other typical construction traffic. The tunneling machine will hardly be noticeable while the tunnel is being dug. The machine will not create noise and there won't be any noticeable vibration.

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