Get Involved In Your Community 

  • Participate in the Utility Advisory Group or attend a public meeting to voice your opinion and learn how to help+.
  • There are also volunteer events that allow you to be hands-on in making a difference for water quality. Stay up-to-date on these via City Utilities calendar or sign up for e-news updates
  • The Clear Choices Clean Water Service campaign provides more information on volunteerism and offers an action pledge option that allows you to connect to City or other partners' programs and events aimed at raising awareness about water quality.
  • Become a pdfStorm Drain Steward and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Get a group together to mark drainage inlets in your neighborhood with the "No Dumping- Drains to River" message. 
  • Reduce automobile use by car-pooling, riding the bus, riding your bike or walking. 
  • Participate in local events such as neighborhood cleanups and Tox-Away Days.
  • Encourage others to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever they can. Share what you know!

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