Fort Wayne City Utilities is a steward of our most essential resource: water.  The work City Utilities does to treat and distribute relaible and safe drinking water, to collect and treat sewage and to manage stormwater runoff supports the health and quality of life of every person and the success of every business in our region for generations to come.
City Utilities is enthusiastic about delivering the highest quality products and services, while keeping public health and the protection of our environment a top priority. Learn about some of our best projects!
City Utilities is integral to our community, its current well-being and its growth into the future. We are focused on enhancing the quality of life of residents, supporting the success of businesses, and making our community a fun and rewarding place to live and do business.  We are guided by a strategic plan and we are pleased to provide annual reports to our customers and community.
City Utilities continuously pushes to improve operations, increase sustainability, and take a business-minded approach to providing clean water and reliable drinking water and stormwater and sanitary sewer service to the community at affordable prices.
Meet a few of our experts and industry leaders and learn about our award-winning efforts!
Other than the air we breathe, there is no more essential resource than water. It is one of the foundational elements of life and business in our region. Learn more about our water quality and world-class facilities!
City Utilities' vision is to be nationally recognized as a regional utility of excellence. And we are well on our way!