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Courtesy Calls Alert Customers When Bills are Due

City Utilities strives to proactively communicate with our customers.  We are now sending a pre-recorded courtesy call to all customers if we have not received payment by the due date on your City Utilities bill.  If you receive this call but have already mailed your payment and you feel we should have received it, please call Customer Support at 260-427-1234 to ensure that the payment has been received and properly posted to your account.  Remember it can take up to seven (7) days for a mailed payment to make its way through the mail and be processed.  Be sure if you are sending payment by US Mail that you are mailing it in time for us to receive it by the due date. 

It is also important to use the correct mailing address when sending in a payment.  Please make sure you are mailing your payment to:
City Utilities
P.O. Box 4632
Carol Stream, IL  60197-4632
For timely and accurate crediting of your payment to your account, please make sure you include your 15-digit customer and account number on your check.  This can be found on the top right-hand corner of the bill.  If you are paying online through a bank account it is important that you include your 15-digit customer and account number when you set City Utilities as payee for online payment.
Mailing your payment to the wrong address or failing to include your customer and account number on the check you write or on payment made by your bank to City Utilities may result in a significant delay in crediting your City Utilities account and may result in late fees being applied.  Learn more about Paying Your Bill.....

When Temperatures Drop Protect Your Pipes

When temperatures drop below freezing water pipes in outside walls and water meters in unprotected places can freeze -- interrupting your water service, potentially creating inconveniences and costly repairs.  City Utilities is pleased to provide you with tips to help keep pipes from freezing and protect your water meter.  Read more....

Celebrate World Wetlands Day - Feb. 2, 2019

City Utilities and other organizations in Allen County have planned events for Saturday, February 2 to celebrate all of the things wetlands do. Hikes, informational presentations and birdwatching are just a few of the activities.  At noon visit City Utilities' Camp Scott wetlands to learn more about how wetlands work -- even in the winter.  Read more......

River Levels to be Adjusted

Fort Wayne, IN – In preparation for winter, City Utilities will make annual adjustments to river levels beginning on Saturday, October 20, 2018. In order to remove the flashboards at the St. Joseph Dam, the St. Joseph River north of the dam will be temporarily lowered beginning at midnight on Saturday.  This will allow the dam’s spillway to dry so the flashboards can safely be removed on Monday October 22, 2018.

Residents with docks or with boats tied along the St. Joseph River should be aware of changing river levels and take appropriate precautions to protect their property.

River levels should return to normal by October 25, 2018.

The flashboards are put back in the spring to raise the level of the river north of the dam, thereby holding more water in the reservoir behind the dam for summer use.

Protect Yourself from Expensive Water & Sewer Service Line Problems

City Utilities is pleased to announce a new program that can help residential customers handle unexpected and potentially high cost repairs to the water and sewer service lines that run through their property.  Optional water and sewer service line protection will be provided through a partnership between City Utilities and American Water Resources, a subsidiary of American Water, the nation's largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company.  Under the partnership, homeowners who are customers of City Utilities have the option to enroll in water line and sewer line protection programs to help prevent significant financial loss in the event of service line problems.  Residential customers of City Utilities will receive additional information in the mail. Learn more...

Free Tours at City Utilities Facilities Offered on Upcoming Saturdays

Have you always wanted to see what happens after you flush or before you turn on the tap?  City Utilities is offering free tours of the Water Pollution Control (sewage Treatment) Plant and the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant on select Saturdays this fall.  The first tour will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 10 AM until noon at the Water Pollution Control Plant at 2601 Dwenger Avenue.  Tours will begin approximately every 30-minutes with the last tour starting at 11:30 AM. 

Other tour dates for Fall 2018:
Water Pollution Control Plant – 2601 Dwenger Avenue
             Saturday, September 15,  10:00 AM – noon
             Saturday, October 20,  10:00 AM – noon
Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant – 415 Baltes Avenue
            Saturday, September 22,  10:00 AM – noon
            Saturday, October 27,  10:00 AM – noon

Free Yard Waste Drop-Off Day on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fort Wayne City Utilities is pleased to announce that on Saturday, October 13, 2018, Allen County residents may drop-off yard waste at the Biosolids Handling Facility at no charge.  The facility is located at 6202 Lake Avenue and operates as a processing site for leaves, yard waste and residuals from Fort Wayne’s Water Filtration and Water Pollution Control Plants.

On October 13 from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM Allen County residents may drop-off yard waste including leaves, grass clippings, brush, twigs and branches, and other yard and garden waste.  The material may be delivered loose or in degradable paper bags.  Items such as root balls with soil attached, gravel, topsoil, and construction debris cannot be accepted.  Plastic bags are also not acceptable for drop off.  Learn more about Biosolids.

A Message from MamaJo:

To everyone who visited me at the Tunnel Works construction site on Sunday, September 9 -- a big THANK YOU!  it was great to meet so many of you.  I think I met about 1,500 of you!  I appreciate that you were patient and waited in line.  City Utilities and my bosses wanted to make sure you were safe, but I know you had to wait a while in the chilly temperatures and drizzle to visit.  Many of you had your pictures taken with me and those photos are being placed is a Dropbox file so you can download them.  Click here to get photos.  There are lots of great pictures, but you may have to look through a bunch to find yourself.  Also, getting them uploaded to the site has taken a little while, so if you don't find them right away you may need to check back.  I'm looking forward to keeping you updated as I get ready to go underground and during the time that I'm making my five-mile long journey.  You can learn more by clicking here to go to the Fort Wayne Tunnel Updates page.  Talk to you soon!

Annual Water Quality Report Coming to Your Mailbox 6/27/2018

Each year City Utilities publishes a water quality report that summarizes the results of water quality testing for the previous calendar year.  The 2018 report, which contains test results from 2017, will be mailed to every City Utilities water customer on June 29.  Again for 2017 water quality tests results show that Fort Wayne water meets or is better than all state and federal regulations require.  pdfRead the report here....

City Council Approves Funding for Water Main Replacement Work; Plan Now Goes to State for Review 6/26/2018

What's more inconvenient than having your water go off when you are getting ready for work or preparing dinner?  When water mains break, City Utilities may be forced to shut your water off for several hours to make the repair.  What if you were a restaurant and your water was shut off on Valentines Day, or you ran a hospital and you had to postpone surgeries because of a main break.  Replacing water mains that have been identified as likely to fail can help avoid the costs and inconveniences associated with main breaks. 

On June 26, 2018, the Fort Wayne City Council approved adjustments in Water Utility rates and charges to help fund more investment in the water main replacement program.  Now the water rate proposal will be filed with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.  The Commission will review the rate proposal and will seek public input.  City Utilities is proposing to increase the amount of water main replacement work done each year by investing more money in the main replacement program.  Learn more...

Look for Water Leaks During Fix A Leak Week March 19 - 25, 2018

Dripping faucets and running toilets can be major water wasters -- and they can cause your water and sewer bills to be unexpectedly high. City Utilities has tips you can use during "Fix A Leak" Week and all year-round to help find and eliminate leaks. Read more....

Fort Wayne's Water Recognized as Great-Tasting!

Fort Wayne's drinking water has been named "Best Tasting" in the northeast quadrant of Indiana by water utility experts from the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water.  Water samples were judged in three categories -- clarity, odor and taste.  Fort Wayne's water now advances to a state-wide competition that will select "The Best Tasting Water in Indiana."  The winner of the State competition will go on to a national contest -- "The Great American Water Taste Test."  In selecting Fort Wayne's water as best tasking in the regional judges said they picked it because it tasted "pure, clean and refreshing."  City Utilities Director Kumar Menon says the award recognizes the hard work and dedication of City Utilities' employees:  "Being honored is always a good thing for Fort Wayne, whether it’s for being one of the best run cities, a great place to raise or family, or a great place to grow and locate a business. Being recognized for having the best tasting water in northeast Indiana goes to prove we have an outstanding group of hardworking people who take great pride in providing high quality, great tasting water delivered with reliability.”  Read more about Fort Wayne's drinking water quality....

City Utilities No Longer a Payment Location for AEP/NIPSCO

Fort Wayne, IN -- Effective on Thursday, February 1, 2018, the City Utilities Customer Relations Center will no longer be able to accept bill payments on behalf of AEP and NIPSCO.  Also, City Utilities will no longer be a CheckFreePay location.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  pdfSee map and list of other CheckFreePay locations and other places where you can make a payment on your AEP or NIPSCO account.

City Utilities' New Payment Website Now Open!

The better accommodate our customers who manage their City Utilities accounts online, and to provide a payment website that is compatible with mobile devices such as phones and tablets, City Utilities has upgraded our online payment portal effective February 21, 2017!

To access the new payment website click "Pay My Bill" to your right on this screen.

If you were a registered user of the City Utilities payment website in the past you will need to re-register using your customer and account number when you use the new site for the first time. pdfClick here for step by step instructions...

EBilling customers -- if you have used City Utilities' paperless eBilling service in the past, you will need to re-enroll in eBilling through the new payment website. pdfHere's how...

AutoPay customers -- if you have been using AutoPay to have your City Utilities bill paid directly from your checking or savings account (or with your credit or debit card) you do not need to re-enroll in the AutoPay service. It will continue without interruption.

If you have questions or need assistance with the new payment website , please call City Utilities' Customer Relations at (260) 427-1234, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Live CHAT function above.

Celebrate Pollution Prevention Week September 19 - 25, 2016

FORT WAYNE -- Pollution prevention is any practice that reduces, eliminates or prevents pollution at the source.  Reducing the amount of pollution produced means less waste to control or treat and better protection for our vital natural resources.  Pollution prevention is also a key to protecting public health. Read more....

Fort Wayne Closes State Revolving Fund Loan Published 7/12/16

State makes it possible for the City of Fort Wayne to make needed Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements.

INDIANAPOLIS—The City of Fort Wayne closed a low-interest loan, in the amount of $108,000,000, through the Indiana Finance Authority’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Loan Program to finance needed improvements to its wastewater system and treatment plant. By utilizing the SRF Loan Program instead of securing a traditional loan, the City of Fort Wayne will save an estimated $23,339,619 of interest expense over the life of the loan.

Construction of upgrades and improvements to the Fort Wayne wastewater system and treatment plant were financed by the CWSRF. The CWSRF program is administered by the Indiana Finance Authority with joint funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Indiana. The project includes rehabilitation in the sewer system, improvements at the wastewater treatment plant, improvements to the wet weather ponds and the construction of a deep tunnel to store higher flows during wet weather. Fort Wayne has considered climate resiliency by including components that are intentionally designed in anticipation of greater rainfall intensity in future years. The project will reduce operational costs of the wastewater system and treatment plant and provide water quality and health benefits by reducing combined sewer overflow events to the St Mary’s, St Joseph and Upper Maumee Rivers thereby improving the environment for community residents and businesses in Fort Wayne.

CWSRF programs operate around the country to provide states and communities the resources necessary to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our valuable water resources nationwide.

City Utilities' Engineer Recognized for Leadership 4/20/16

At an awards ceremony in Carmel, Mark Gensic, an engineer with Fort Wayne City Utilities, received the Professional Practice Ethic sand Leadership Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers, Indiana Chapter.  The award recognizes a licensed professional engineer-leader who has demonstrated superior ethics and leadership in their profession. 

Gensic, a 36-year veteran in the engineering field, has worked in both the private and public sector.  In his role with City Utilities, Mark has led the design and construction of hundreds of projects to improve efficiency and service.  Those projects have included multiple expansions at the City’s wastewater treatment plant, which have greatly increased capacity and will serve many future generations. Read more...