Illegal dumping is the disposal of waste in an area where it is not permitted. This could be along a back property line, along a stream bank, in the woods, or in some other off-road area. Another form of illegal dumping involves putting debris or pouring anything other than stormwater runoff into a storm sewer inlet.

Illegal dumping is a concern because it pollutes our rivers and causes our rivers and streams to look trash.  pdfAre you a Water Polluter? Find out....

If you observe illegal dumping or if you see anyone pouring something into a storm drain inlet, please call the City of Fort Wayne at 311!

Frequently Asked Questions about Illegal Dumping

Q.     Why is illegal dumping a problem?

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Q.     What happens if I see a neighbor, or know someone who's throwing trash into a storm drain?

Q.     I have some paint/thinners/chemicals at home that need to be disposed of. Where can I take these?

Q.     What is the fine/penalty for illegal dumping?

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Q.     Yard clippings leaves are natural, so they don't cause any problems, right?