Businesses move to Fort Wayne and expand here in part because of the high quality water and available capacity in the water and sewer systems.  Read more about pdfWater That Works in Fort Wayne.

If you are looking to locate a business in Fort Wayne, please contact City Utilities' Development Services Department at 260-427-5064.

Customer Assistance

The City Utilities Customer Relations Center provides many services, including water and sewer connection/disconnection, bill payment, rates, and utility account information.

Design & Construction

If you are developing or redeveloping property you will find information about development standards and construction practices on the Design and Construction Resource Center. Maps of utility systems incliding water, sewer and drainage may be found within the interactive GIS mapping resource.


Do you want to connect to the City's sanitary sewer system? Or maybe you are curious about combined sewer overflows, or want to learn more about the Septic Elimination Program? More information on these topics and other sewer-related issues is available on the Sewers page


Did you know that Fort Wayne Utilities is responsible for managing both stormwater quality and quantity and has been mandated federal and state regulators to reduce the amount of pollution reaching the rivers? Stormwater is exactly what it sounds like. When it rains, or when snow melts, water that is not soaked into the ground may run off lawns or pavement and go directly into a storm drain, and then straight into a nearby river or creek. Learn more about stormwater and how to improve water quality in the rivers. 

Special Audiences & Activities
Some actions can have a disproportionate or concentrated impact on stormwater quality. Knowing more about the best practices that key businesses should use, as well as the choices consumers can make, will help protect the water that reaches nearby rivers and streams through street drains.

Builders, Contractors, and Developers


pdfCarpet Cleaning

pdfSwimming Pools

pdfPet Waste Management

pdfAuto Maintenance

Drinking Water

Every resident wants safe, great tasting drinking water and expects it to be there every time they turn on the tap. City Utilities' goal is to meet your expectations about water quality and reliability every day while providing good value. More information about drinking water quality, distribution, and City facilities is available on the Drinking Water page.