There are many organizations in the Fort Wayne area and around the country that provide information about watersheds, stormwater quality and what you can do to help protect rivers and streams. Here are some links that you may be helpful:

Allen County Partnership for Water Quality  -- volunteer opportunities, resources for neighborhoods and resources for teachers

Allen County Solid Waste Management District -- the District operates programs to assist with proper disposal of household hazardous wastes to help protect the quality of area water bodies

St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative  -- watershed management plans, river water quality information, information about volunteering to test water quality in area streams

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization  -- volunteer opportunities, river clean-up information, networking activities

Upper Maumee River Watershed  -- a new watershed partnership being formed

St. Mary's Watershed Project

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

US Environmental Protection Agency

After the Storm  -- a video co-produced by the EPA and the Weather Channel about protecting the nation's water resources, includes a link directly to the video

Center for Watershed Protection