Paint Fire Hydrants for Safety and Profit

Fort Wayne neighborhood Associations are invited and encouraged to participate in City Utilities' fire hydrant painting program.  A fresh coat of paint can make the hydrants in your neighborhood easier for the Fire Department to fine -- especially in rainy weather or when there is snow on the ground.  City Utilities will pay your association $5 for every hydrant painted.  City Utilities will provid your associaiton with wire brushes for prepping the hydrants and with standard yellow fire hydrant paint.  Be sure to contact City Utilities before you paint any hydrants.   Payment will only be made to neighborhood associations, not to individuals.  Please call 311 or (260) 427-8311 for more information and to get involved. pdf Read more...

Troubleshooting a High Utility Bill

Have you experienced a City Utilities bill that was higher than you thought is should be?  You may have used more water in a particular month, or you may have a plumbing leak.  City Utilities provides a pdfchecklist to help you investigate the cause of a high bill.

Dealing with Flood & Sewer Waters in Your Home

If you have had the unfortunate experience of flood or sewer waters in your home, there are certain steps you should take to protect your family and your home. The following safety measures will help reduce the risk of your family and pets contracting diseases associated with sewage-contaminated flood waters.

  • Avoid direct contact with flood or back-up water when possible. Children and pets should not play or come in contact with flood water.
  • When Cleaning up flooded ares, wear protective clothing and gear, such as latex gloves and... Read more

Water Maintenance and Service (Rust, Low Flow, Leaks)

Water Maintenance Service is responsible for maintenance of the drinking water distribution system. The water distribution system consists of water main pipes leaving the filtration plant. This includes over 890 miles of water main, 6,000 valves, 8,000 fire hydrants, and... Read more

Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control

Preventing potentially contaminated water from being siphoned back into City Utilities' drinking water distribution system is essential for the protection of public health and...Read more

More Information and Pre-written Articles

City Utilities has prepared a set of pre-written articles that you may download for use in a neighborhood newsletter or other publication, or simply as a resource for yourself as a homeowner. If you use these in a publication, please give credit to Fort Wayne Utilities as the source of the information contained in the article. If you have any questions or need more information about any of the topics shown below, please contact City Utilities by calling 311 or (260)427-8311.