Many groups in and around Fort Wayne organize events where volunteers can pick-up trash, remove invasive species, help clear areas to improve views of the rivers and participate in other activities to improve the quality of our rivers, lakes and streams.  Check out upcoming volunteer opportunities .....

Take An Action Pledge
Most pollution is caused by humans, and everyone is responsible for doing something about it. The City of Fort Wayne is a proud partner in the Clear Choices Clean Water program, an initiative that promotes making a few small changes around your home, business, and community to help make a positive difference in water quality.
Clear Choices logo
The Clear Choices Clean Water website provides a variety of resources to help you learn more about water conservation, native plants and rain gardens, lawn fertilizers, and many more ways to protect water quality. The interactive website also features a pledge option that calculates the specific amount of pollution you've prevented and has a map feature that shows you who else in your  community is doing their part for water quality!
Take an Action Pledge Today! Be part of a fast-growing movement around the state to help make simple choices to protect local water resources. Post your water quality choices (pledges) to your social media and invite other friends and family to join you in your effort!

Other Things to Do Around Your Home
Purchase household and garden products that are the least toxic to the environment.
When using chemicals, detergents and pesticides, use only the amount recommended by the manufacturer and... Read more  
Use stormwater-friendly lawn care practices. 

Things to Do Around Your Business
Use native plants in a rain garden, shoreline planting, or your general landscaping. Reduce your fertilizer use. Businesses can participate in Clear Choices Clean Water action pledges too.
Participate in the City's Rain Gardens Program. Rain gardens are landscaping features, much like typical flowerbeds, that are strategically places and designed to capture stormwater running off of rooftops, driveways, parking lots, and other hard surfaces. They not only beautify the landscape, but they also help improve water quality at the same time.

Get Involved In Your Community 
  • Participate in the Utility Advisory Group or attend a public meeting to voice your opinion and learn how to help.
  • There are also volunteer events that allow you to be hands-on in making a difference for water quality. Stay up-to-date on these via City Utilities calendar or sign up for e-news updates
  • The Clear Choices Clean Water Service campaign provides more information on volunteerism and offers an action pledge option that allows you to connect to City or other partners' programs and events aimed at raising awareness about water quality.
  • Become a Storm Drain Steward and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Get a group together to mark drainage inlets in your neighborhood with the "No Dumping Drains to River" message. 
  • Reduce automobile use by car-pooling, riding the bus, riding your bike, or walking. 
  • Participate in local events such as neighborhood cleanups and Tox-Away Days.
  • Encourage others to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever they can. Share what you know!

Help Build Awareness
Fort Wayne City Utilities is committed to providing citizens with information about a variety of water and water related topics. Staff members from City Utilities and other departments are available to speak to groups about a variety of utility related topics. 
Utilities staff has also prepared a set of pre-written articles that you may download for use in a neighborhood newsletter or other publication, or simply as a resource for yourself as a homeowner. If you use these in a publication, please give credit to Fort Wayne City Utilities as the source of the information contained in the articles. If you have questions or need more information about any of the topics below, please contact City Utilities as 427-1381.