Fighting, of any kind, won't solve the problem. Ignoring the problem will only add to your discomfort as you become more and more discouraged and frustrated on top of the original disruption to your 'quiet enjoyment'1 of your home.

Below we have outlined some steps you can take to attempt to resolve a nuisance.

  1. Keep a Log
  2. Talk to Your Neighbor
  3. Get a Copy of Your Local Ordinance
  4. Warn Your Neighbor in Writing
  5. Suggest Mediation
  6. Call the Police
  7. If You're a Tenant
  8. If the Behavior is a Problem Because of a Disability
  9. What Do I Do if Nothing Works
  10. If I Decide to Move

This Neighborhood Association Resouce Guide is to assist you. By no means, these suggestions are complete set of rules that must be followed. It is merely a starting point with helpful information to effectively organize, mediate and avoid escalating a situation with your neighbor(s). Legal counsel is recommended to fit the unique needs of your city ordinance, neighborhood association and/or issues with your neighbor.