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Welcome to the Fort Wayne City Utilities website!


City Utilities and Aqua Indiana have finalized the sale of Aqua Indiana's southwest water assets to City Utilities and the first phase of customers will receive water from City Utilities beginning on December 4, 2014.  Read more....

Springtime in Indiana can bring heavy rains.  You can be prepared.  Read more.....

Beginning in January 2014..... customers of Fort Wayne's water utilities are seeing a new Public Fire Protection item on your monthly bill.   Providing a reliable water supply for fire fighting is an important function of Fort Wayne's water utility.  That requires that water utility facilities such as pipes and pumps be sized to provide the massive amount of water necessary to fight fires.  In the past, the cost of public fire protection was paid for with tax dollars, but in 2013 the Fort Wayne City Council approved a change in policy so that the fees will be collected directly by the utility in the future.  Read more.....

City Utilities is happy to provide pre-written articles that can be inserted directly into your neighborhood newsletter.  Dealing with utility topics of interest to residents, these articles provide insights and suggestions to help keep your plumbing functioning properly and to help manage your utility costs.  Find articles......

Need information about how you may be able to replace your failing septic system with a public sewer line? Information about City Utilities' Septic Elimination Program (SEP) is now available.  Learn more...   


All information related to the City's clean rivers programs is now located at At this site you will find information about the City's Consent Decree and the Long Term Control Plan for reducing the sewage that goes into our rivers.  You'll also find information about how stormwater runoff affects our rivers.  And there's information about what you can do to help prevent pollution.

For information on the rain garden program , please visit

City Utilities' website is always a work in progress..... so check back often for other changes.