Growing and thriving cities have neighborhoods as the backbone of their respective communities. That is true in Fort Wayne as our strong and vibrant neighborhoods truly make the Summit City unique.

One way to help ensure ongoing progress is by constantly addressing infrastructure needs. Fort Wayne’s commitment to neighborhood improvements through our Public Works and City Utilities divisions is evident with the record-breaking plans we have developed for 2023. We will see $43.8 million in Public Works upgrades and $135 million for City Utilities, both are record amounts of investments. Since 2014, Public Works has led more than $250 million in neighborhood enhancements. For City Utilities, the investment amount over the past decade exceeds $1 billion.

Public Works highlights for 2023:
*$300K - sidewalk repairs (50% cost share)
*$1.3M - miscellaneous concrete repairs, including in-house work
*$200K - curb repairs and $500K - ADA curb ramp packages
*1 major arterial widening project, 2 arterial rehab projects, and 7 neighborhood street rehab projects
*28 miles of contracted asphalt resurfacing (includes several multi-lane arterials)
*9 miles of asphalt in-house resurfacing
*3 bridge rehab/replacement projects
*4 brick alley/street repair projects and 21 concrete alley replacements
*2 new sidewalk construction projects
*3 new trail projects
*13 traffic projects

City Utilities highlights for 2023:
-Year 16 of the 18-year Consent Decree and Long-Term Control Plan. The plan focuses on protecting our rivers and neighborhoods from combined sewer overflows (stormwater and sewage) and basement back-ups through innovative construction work.

-Constructing more than nine miles of new water main

-Reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions. This effort will reduce the costs of our electric bill at both filtration and wastewater plants and help keep customer rates down.

-Grease Co-Op program – It will take fats, oils, grease and cooking by-products from restaurants to the Water Pollution Control Plant to be used for additional power generation.

-Stormwater and drainage improvements are underway on Decatur Road, Pierson Drain, and the wetland near Hessen Cassel Road.

Our continued commitment to investing in neighborhood infrastructure is critical to Fort Wayne’s current and future success. Our collective efforts make a lasting and meaningful difference. The projects also play a significant role in our overall quality of life and positions Fort Wayne for new economic development opportunities to grow our City and make it more attractive for families and businesses to move here.